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Country: Ukraine
State: Luhansk Oblast
City: Luhansk
Type of Location: Multiple
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By Air

Luhansk International Airport (IATA: VSG, ICAO: UKCW) is an airport in Luhansk, Ukraine.The airport is located 20 km (12 miles) south of the city center.Lugansk Airlines is an airline based in Luhansk, Ukraine.It operates services within Ukraine as well as the wet leasing of its aircraft.Its main base is Luhansk International Airport.In 1992 Air Ukraine was formed by the resources of various Ukrainian Aeroflot divisions, the Luhansk division being one of them.After Air Ukraine's bankruptcy Lugansk Airlines became an independent company.

By Train

Lugansk - railway station and main train station in the eponymous town, located on the city.Today Lugansk dvirets provides domestic, international and commuter.For most long-distance train station kursirovaniya Lugansk is the final only exception is international train Mariupol - Lipetsk.In 2005, the electrified area Debaltseve-Kommunarsk ( Alchevsk ) 2006 here came the first suburban train. And 2007 was completed five years of work on electrification areas Debaltseve -Lugansk, so Luhansk region lost status last neelektryfikovanoyi region Ukraine.The first on the road from the station went Lugansk train with third class carriages on the route Lugansk, Donetsk.In terms of the Donetsk railway by 2030 figures continued electrification, including the Lugansk area Millerovo ( RF ), however the Russian part of this area, 122 km.- Millerovo that goes into the depth of field Rostivskoyi preserved since 2007, now partly dismantled and abandoned to their fate.

By Trolleybus

Trolleybus motion in Lugano opened on January 25 1962 year.Lugansk city of Luhansk, one of two types of public electric city.Luhansk tram - electric tram system Lugano, consisting of a tram depot and ten routes.The first project of building an electric tram system in the city engineer Kulzhynskym was proposed in 1899 was however was rejected by the City Duma.Luhansk tram was opened May 1 in 1934 year.Length of the first starting area was about seven kilometers.As of 1 January 2010, the balance of the operating companies were nine officers and 38 passenger cars including: 71-605 - 32 units, 71-608K - 1, K-1 - 4, LT-10 - 1.

Key places to visit
Luhansk Drama Theatre, Luhansk Puppet Theater, Luhansk Regional Museum, Aviation Technical Museum, Lugansk Regional Art Museum, St. Volodymyr Cathedral


Places to Visit

Luhansk Drama Theatre

is a theater in the city of Luhansk.In November 1943 , in the creative composition of the theater became a group of Ukrainian actors from Vinnitsa and Kiev.Theatre was named Kharkov Ukrainian Theater of Musical Comedy.It became the basis for the formation of Lugansk Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre.In May 1944, the theater was sent to evacuate the city of Lugansk and the decision of the All-Union Committee of the Arts renamed Luhansk in Ukrainian Music and Drama.The first postwar season theater opened in Luhansk fall 1944 performance of "Oh, do not walk, Hryts and Obligatory" for Starytsky on stage at the Palace named after Lenin.In 1947 the theater was named after O. Ostrovsky.According to the USSR Council of Ministers Resolution of 12 December (No. 1393) from 1 January 1963, the Ukrainian Drama Theater. O. Ostrovsky and Russian Drama Theatre were combined into a single Lugansk Oblast Drama Theatre with two corpses: Russian and Ukrainian.Twenty-seven years in Lugano existed theater combined with the two corpses.

Luhansk Puppet Theater

is a Puppet Theater in Luhansk.Today Lugansk Puppet Theater the only professional children's theater in the Luhansk region.Theatre contained specially pivot modern buildings for their architectural solution and funktsionalinstyu considered one of the best of its kind in the country.Luhansk Oblast Puppet Theatre started its activities on 29 March 1939 year.World War II interrupted the work institution, though with play "Big John" S. Obraztsova group of actors served fighters of the Soviet Army at various fronts and worked in military hospitals.After World War II, in August 1946, the city appeared in the poster, which reported that Voroshilovgrad Puppet Theater started to work constantly.Twice within the nationwide reviews of folk art performances Lugansk Academic Puppet Theater presented on the stages and the Kyiv awarded higher scores by leading art historians.In early 2007, the Lugansk Oblast Puppet Theater by order of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine on 9 February 2007 was granted the status of academic and it received its present name Lugansk Puppet Theater.

Luhansk Regional Museum

is a regional Historical Museum in Luhansk, scientific research and scientific and educational center, the main storage sites for material and spiritual culture of Luhansk, scientific center of museology in the region.In the early nineteenth century, representatives of the Luhansk intellectuals have repeatedly attempted to create a museum.Yes, Nikolai I. Stefanovic - intelligent, highly educated man, a member of the Luhansk City Council, true connoisseurs of art, in January 1914, the City wrote to the Duma a report, which advocates the need for a city museum to store it in local antiquities. Nikolai Stefanovich supported archaeologist and local historian Sergey Loktyushev, published in 1915, several articles in the newspaper "Lugansk sheet" about the opening of the museum.Implementation of plans prevented the First World War and later events that occurred after the October Revolution 1917.Then, in January 1920, in his own house Sophia and Nicholas Stefanovic opened Museum of picturesque culture, the first director who actually became Illivna Sofia Stefanovic.Since 1938 the museum was named Voroshylovohradskyy Museum.

Aviation Technical Museum

is a aircraft open-air museum in Lugano with a collection of planes and helicopters of Soviet production.The museum is located on the southern outskirts of the city, near the aircraft plant in the area "VAUSH".In the museum does not go public transport but the road to the museum (about 2 km) is picturesque napivparkovymy zones, through the abandoned former military town of Lugansk military aviation school navigators.The museum is free to visit.Excursions museum does not have, but all exhibits are accompanied by the necessary information tables.In the museum collection mainly military equipment - aircraft as well as false weapons, including bombs and missiles.The highlight of the museum which causes constant interest in visitors is also a unique collection of vintage cars and motorcycles.12 April 2011 at the museum opens exhibit dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the first human space flight and the 90th anniversary of the pilot-cosmonaut Georgy Beregovoy.

Lugansk Regional Art Museum

is a regional Art Museum in Luhansk, cultural and educational center of the city.Lugansk Regional Art Museum is located in the historic two-storey building at str. Mail, house. 3, Luhansk 91055, Ukraine.House Museum, built in 1876, was the late nineteenth - early twentieth century house Venderovychiv known Lugansk industrialists and merchants, but later suffered destruction and subsequent (within the twentieth century) reconstructions, zminyvshys result in comparison with the original form to nevpiznavanosti.Exhibitions are open daily from 09:00 to 17:00, except Monday and Tuesday.On the right branch of the Lugansk Regional Art Museum is also an art gallery (exhibition hall of the Union of Artists ) at st. Shevchenko, house. 4.Collection of Lugansk Regional Art Museum was formed in January 1920 year, and in 1924 he counted more than 1,000 exhibits. It was founded by paintings, furniture, china, products made of bronze, Greek dishes, brought from Moscow, Kharkov and Odessa.At the present time ( 2000's ) Lugansk Regional Art Museum is a major cultural and educational and scientific center of the city and country.Museum staff regularly publish their intelligence, conduct educational activities.

St. Volodymyr Cathedral

is the biggest cult building of the south-eastern Ukraine, which is capable of holding about three thousand faithful.The cathedral was built in honor of St. ravnoapostolnoho Prince Vladimir in 1995 - 2006 years of the project engineer A. Bondarev.The project's Cathedral is a cross.The length of the cross from east to west is 51 meters and from south to north - 44 meters.Cathedral crowned with 15 domes, its height from ground level to the top of the central cross is 65 meters.Cathedral Square - 2681 square meters.In 1992 the inhabitants of the city of Lugansk appealed to the Archbishop of Lugansk and Starobelsk Ioannykiya blessing for a parish council, the appointment and Works prior to construction of the temple.After receiving blahoslavinnya presented prior and published the name of the future temple.

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