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Nearest airports to Loures are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

    Lisbon Airport (distanced approximately 6.4 km)
    Alverca Airport (distanced approximately 13 km)
    Sintra Airport (distanced approximately 15 km)
    Montijo Airport (distanced approximately 18 km)
    Lisbon TP Airport (distanced approximately 19 km)

Key places to visit
Anta Casainhos, Castle Pirescoxe, Church of Santa Maria, Mail-Mor Palace, Quinta do Conventinho


Places to Visit

Anta Casainhos

The Megalithic Monument of Casainhos, best known for Anta Casainhos is located in the place of Casainhos, parish of Fanhoes in the municipality of Loures in Portugal. Originally prehistoric, this monument made of limestone, consists of some props in poor condition, it is not possible to decipher their original plan.It is situated within a private property and the first excavation work carried out in 1961 , were collected many objects of adornment and instruments of chipped stone and polished.

Castle Pirescoxe

Castle Pirescoxe, also referred to as Pirescouxe, Pirescoche, Piriscouxe, Periscoxe Pires and Coche, located in the village of Pirescoxe, in the parish of Santa Iria de Azóia, county of Loures, district of Lisbon, in Portugal. Erected in a dominant position on a sort of promontory where it reveals the course of the river Tagus, this is actually a mansion -house, castellated, typical of the nobility of Portugal in the late Middle Ages.

Church of Santa Maria

The Parish Church of Santa Maria de Loures is located on the edge of the city of Loures, the District of Lisbon in Portugal. It has three naves, the arches resting on columns that sustain the Tuscan order, saving is still in such an old pulpit. In the chancel, an altar of the eighteenth century brightens this masterpiece of Baroque Portuguese.

Mail-Mor Palace

The Palace Mail-mor is located at the end of the parish rural Portuguese in Loures (in the municipality of the same name ) and is one of the most notable of the 5th outskirts of Lisbon for its opulent decor in stucco, tiles and paintings. According to Portuguese and Brazilian Grand Encyclopedia, formerly was called the Forest of Flowers and the sun was Matas Matas told The Courier-mor, after Philip III of Spain have given the office of postmaster general of the kingdom to Luis Gomes da Mata in 1606

Quinta do Conventinho

Quinta do Conventinho is located in San Antonio of the Knights, Loures. Initially it was a Franciscan convent, founded in the sixteenth century, which has undergone transformations over the years until it was purchased in the 90s of the twentieth century by Loures City Council, then settling in the Municipal Museum.

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October - November


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