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By Air

Skavsta Airport Used by Ryanair.Lies 100km north-east of Linkoping.A shuttle bus (90 min) overland link between central Linkoping and Skavsta airport.Departs from the Resecentrum.Linkoping Airport-Flights almost only to Stockholm, Amsterdam, Riga and Copenhagen.There are no shuttles between the airport and the Resecentrum and you need to take a taxi from the airport.Norrkoping Airport-Flights almost only to Helsinki, Visby, Munchen and Copenhagen.Lies 45km north-east of Linkoping.

By Train

The Linkoping main train station (Resecentrum) lies less than ten minutes walk from the center of the town.SJ train journey's from Stockholm can take as little as 80 minutes and cost as little as 95 SEK.

By Bus

Long-distance buses leave from Fjarrbussterminalen, which is about 400m north of of the Resecentrum, past where the local buses are departing.It's on the same side of the road as the train station.Linkoping is part of the wide network of Swebus Express services, with journeys to Stockholm (2-3 hours), Gothenburg (4 hours) and Malmo (6 hours). Swebus is the most frequent, running sometimes more than 1 service per hour to Stockholm.If there's enough people it'll run express.A smaller bus company running more comfortable buses (only 3 seats across) Goteborg-Boras-Jonkoping-Linkoping-Stockholm several times daily but less frequently than Swebus.

Key places to visit
Linkoping Cathedral, Swedish Air Force Museum, Old Linkoping, IT Museum, Linkoping Castle


Places to Visit

Linkoping Cathedral

is a church in the Swedish city of Linkoping.The cathedral is the seat for the bishop in the Church of Sweden Diocese of Linkoping.It is situated opposite Linkoping Castle.The present church is about 800 years old. However, its history starts in the 11th century, with a wooden church being built. Later, around 1120, a stone church was being constructed; a basilica of about half the size of the present building.Around 1230 it became necessary to construct a larger church, as the basilica had become too small. The church was extended to the East, with a new choir and transept. These parts remain as part of the present church. The current altarpiece is also from that period.The next extension of the church was made following the coronation of King Valdemar, in 1251. Now, the main building was constructed, and the church received its current length. Its length is 110 meters and the height of the tower is 107 meters (351 feet).At the beginning of the 15th century, 1408-1420, the chapels were constructed in Gothic architecture, with large windows and star shaped vaults. The chapels were named after Saint Andreas (later renamed into Saint Mary), St. Nicolaus and St. Thomas.

Swedish Air Force Museum

Aircraft from every stage of Swedish military aviation history are on display. Noteworthy exhibition objects from the pioneering days of World War I include an Albatros 120 trainer, as well as a Nieuport and Bréguet combat aircraft. A Saab-built Junkers Ju 86 twin-engined bomber, and a wide range of British, American, Italian and Swedish-made planes reveal the diversity of aircraft types used by the Swedish Air Force during World War II . All service aircraft of significance from the post-war years are exhibited, from the Saab J 29 "Flying Barrel", a sturdy fighter of the 1950s, to the contemporary 4th generation multirole fighter JAS 39 Gripen. Recently, a new exhibition has been added, based around the salvaged Tp 79 (Swedish Air Force designation for C-47) ELINT aircraft, shot down by a Soviet MiG-15 in 1952. The museum also hosts a Saab 39 Gripen simulator.In 2010 the museum had a major expansion and rebuild.

Old Linkoping

An open-air museum, west of the city centre. Beautiful buildings once situated in the centre of Linkoping have been saved from demolishion and moved to this area to make it's own little town. Here you can practically enjoy life of Linkoping in the 19th century. The citizens of Linkoping enjoy taking part of the life and you can see people actually dressed up and working as citizens of Gamla Linkoping.Also remember to buy locally produced chocolate and candy to reduced prices.

IT Museum

Is a computer and computing museum, located in Mjardevi Science Park where you will find many of Linkoping's IT companies.The museum covers both ancient Swedish computers and more current events, such as the demo scene with its realtime multimedia productions.The exhibitions describe both the technical and the social aspects of computing.The museum's signs are both in Swedish and in English. Free entry.

Linkoping Castle

From the 13th century, was the bishop's residence until the Lutheran reformation in the 16th century. Now it is the residence of the sheriff (landshovding) for Ostergotland county.The castle also houses a museum.

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