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By plane

Lillehammer does not have its own airport, but Oslo's Gardermoen is well connected by train with departures once hourly (1:40, 227 Kr each way).

By train

Lillehammer is along the main train line from Skien and Oslo towards Trondheim. The trip to Oslo takes about two hours and there are departures hourly.

By car

Another option is to arrive Oslo by plane and pick a rental car from the multiple options provided at the airport rental desks. However, one must plan for a relatively long drive (2-3 hours) because of the potential road construction delays and strictly enforced speed limits.

By bus

NOR-WAY Bussekspress and Lavprisekspressen operate bus lines to and from Oslo city centre as well as Gardermoen airport

Key places to visit
Lillehammer Art Museum, Lillehammer Church, Haakon's Hall, Kristin Hall, The Norwegian Olympic Museum, Hunderfossen family park, Culture Building, Lilleputthammer


Places to Visit

Lillehammer Art Museum

Lillehammer Art Museum is a private foundation that was established on 1 April 1994 as a continuation of the old institution of Lillehammer town painting collection. The permanent collection includes paintings and drawings by, among others, JC Dahl , Hans Gude , Adolph Tidemann , Erik Werenskiold , Eilif Peterssen , Christian Krogh , Frits Thaulow , Edvard Munch , Christian Holbo , Thorvald Erichsen and Lars Jorde .

Lillehammer Church

Lillehammer Church is a church of 1882 in Lillehammer municipality, Oppland county. Towards the South Park there is a chapel built around the same time with the church. Both buildings are constructed in the Gothic Revival style , but after renovation in 1959 , almost the entire interior of the church changed. Church's original altarpiece, a copy of Adolph Tidemand altarpiece in Tyristrand church , was then replaced with a new, a painted trerelieff of Maja Refsum with the subject Jesus in Gethsemane . In 2007 the church interiors on the new change. It was put into a new altar table on a patio in front of the ship, while the choir appeared as a separate chapel. The choir's walls were covered with monotypes of Borgny Farstad Svalastog . The exterior stands out today as when the church was completed with the exception of the front doors were replaced in 1959 . In 2007 the church roof was covered again, and the old slate roof was replaced with the new with the exception of the tower where the slate plates were removed and the copper plates were added. Church room holds 650 people.

Haakon's Hall

Haakon's Hall is a multipurpose hall in Lillehammer . It was originally built as the largest of two hockey arenas in the Olympic Games 1994 . The arena can at most accommodate about 11,500 spectators, and with it the second largest multi-purpose hall in Norway, the Telenor Arena in Bærum . Hall was opened on 28 December 1993, as the 27 ice skating in Norway .The hall was designed by architects Ostgaard A / S by architect Terje Gronmo .

Kristin Hall

Kristin Hall is an indoor ice rink in Lillehammer , which was opened in 1988, as the 19 ice skating in Norway . The hall is home ground for the Lillehammer Ice Hockey Club and has an audience capacity of 3,194, of which 1 500 people standing.Kristin Hall was completed in 1988 and the indoor ice rink No. 19 that was built in Norway. Although the spectator capacity is nearly 3,200, is NOK attendance record higher. During the championship finals against Storhamar in 1994 (which ended with the championship gold to equal), there were probably over 4,000 spectators in Christina Hall, thanks to the makeshift stands.

The Norwegian Olympic Museum

The Norwegian Olympic Museum in Lillehammer in Lillehammer is the only museum of its kind in Northern Europe which tells the story of all Olympic Games from 776 BC. to the present day. The museum is the largest and most important museum of sports and manages a national cultural treasure that has been important for Norwegians in over 100 years. The collection counts more than 7000 items.The museum is divided into the Historical Section, Lillehammer '94 and the Olympic Room. The Olympic Room is the Norwegian Sports Honorary Gallery. The Norwegian Olympic Museum also houses the exhibition "Telecommunications from Oslo 1952 to Lillehammer 1994".

Hunderfossen family park

Amusement Park is one of the biggest tourist attractions, with more than 250 000 visitors each summer. The park was founded in 1984 . Amusement Park has more than 50 attractions and sights. The newest attraction in the park is the Troll fall.Ivo Caprino's work is a recurring theme in the park. The big troll contains a hall with several fanciful scenes from Asbjornsen and Moe's Norwegian folk tales , designed in Caprino's spirit, on "fairy castle", " super video graph ", and racing car Il Tempo Gigante .

Culture Building

Culture Building in Lillehammer was built in 1895 as a local to Lillehammer Savings Bank. The architect was Ove Ekman and the building is inspired by Italian Renaissance. The building also contained festivitetslokale of Lillehammer town and worked, among other things, that local law under treason settlement after World War II . The building is in public ownership and long overdue, but was refurbished in conjunction with the 1994 after plans drawn by architect Willy Sveen


Lilleputthammer is a family park that is located in the Islands Municipality, 20 km north of Lillehammer, near the European route 6 . Central is a miniature park commenced constructed in 1982 as a copy of Storgata in Lillehammer as it was in the 1900's . It is built in scale 1:4. Since the park has undergone numerous expansions and renovations.


Maihaugen is a museum in Lillehammer . It opened at Maihaugen 2 July 1904 under the name The Sandvigske Collections, as Anders Sandvig private collection was acquired by the Company of Lillehammer town well . Anders Sandvig was a dentist who from 1887 had begun collecting ancient artifacts from the old peasant culture, folk art and artisan tools, and eventually , in very great extent, buildings, mainly from Gudbrandsdalen . Maihaugen was a pioneer among the Nordic museums because the collection soon became extensive and detailed. Entire farms and farms were moved to the museum. Maihaugen is from 2011 a department of Lillehammer Museum .

Norwegian Museum of Historical Vehicles

Norwegian Museum of Historical Vehicles is a Norwegian museum of carriages , cars and motorcycles . The museum shows the development from the first sleighs and wagons to the car. The museum is located downtown Lillehammer.

Right Time to Visit

July - September