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Buses are widely available from Poprad, Kosice, Presov, Spissky Novy Ves etc. If you are gettig the train, get it to Poprad or Spissky Novy Ves, and buses are available from both stations. Be warned, that the bus drivers can be very, very grumpy.

To get to Levoca Centre from the bus station, either walk straight through the apartment blocks and estates behind the station, and take the second or third left to bring you out onto the main road. Alternatively, take a right turn at the station, walk around the corner and you can cross the road, and walk up through the town. This is the easier option for those with a lot of baggage.

Key places to visit
St. James Cathedral, Medieval cage of shame, Neo-Classical Lutheran Church, Renaissance town hall, The Large Provincial House


Places to Visit

St. James Cathedral

St. James Cathedral, with world's biggest wooden altar, a marvelous masterpiece of Master Paul of Levoca. The entire interior of St.Jakobs is dazzling to the eye. Anyone who has an interest in architecture, art or even a passing interest in history will enjoy a visit, marvelling at the quality of the restored carvings of Master Pawel's school, the 14th century murals, the stained glass windows that sparkle in the sunlight and the centuries old pews, worn and moulded by the previous inhabitants of Levoca. Visitors from England should take note of the statue of St.George slaying the dragon. For tourist purposes, tickets for access must be bought in the shop located opposite the main door of the Cathedral. Guided tours are provided, and books, postcards etc. are available inside.

Medieval cage of shame
Medieval cage of shame It comes from the 16th century and it was used for punishing for minor delinquencies. Its original place was where the Protestant Church is situated now. Later, it belonged to the Probstner family and it was placed in their park, which was situated where the hospital is now. The Cage was given to the town by the Probstner family in 1933 and since then, it has been situated in front of the Town Hall.

Neo-Classical Lutheran Church

The Lutheran church is mostly empty these days, the congregation for the most part expelled in 1948 due to their ethnic German origin. These days, no more than seventy individuals frequent religious services. When the church is open for visits, a very friendly lady meets you at the main door, and leaflets describing the history of the church are available in Slovak, English, German, and Russian. Walking around the chapel, take note of the grand organ, a gift from the Lutheran community of Berlin from the early 1900's. Their is also a memorial to the inhabitants of Levoca who fell in World War One. Lastly, visitors will notice damp in the building, and it's upkeep is a major strain on the community, so a donation, or the purchase of a few postcards on this otherwise free attraction are gratefully accepted.

Renaissance town hall

Renaissance town hall The building of the Town Hall is attached to a Renaissance tower, which was built between 1656 - 1661 as a bell-tower. There are some expositions of the Spis Museum on the first floor of the Town Hall. Its Session Hall is used for representation purposes.

The Large Provincial House

The Large Provincial House Between 1806 - 1826, an architect from the city of Eger, Anton Povolny, built a grandiose administration building, the Large Provincial House, as the seat of the town's administration. He adjusted its Classicistic style to Levoca's Renaissance character by emphasizing the horizontal lines. The House is considered the most beautiful Provincial House all over former Hungary. Today, it is reconstructed and it is a seat of the administration.

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