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Upper Austria
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By Air

the nearest airport to Leonding is Linz Airport (IATA: LNZ, ICAO: LOWL), also known as Blue Danube Airport is an airport near Linz, Austria.

By Train

With a stop at the Western Railway and 6 stops of LILO (Leonding local railway, road space, Bergham, Am Durrweg, Ruflinger, Ruflinger West) at the Leon thing is well connected by rail.In August 2011, was the extension of tram line 3, which leads from the main station on the plateau to the Hard preliminary endpoint Dobler timber was opened.In the future this is expected to be further extended by Traun and after Nettingsdorf.

By Bus

Buses of Linz lines (lines 11, 15, 17, 19 and 192) also go to Leon thing.Furthermore there is a Stadtteilbus of Linz lines of service only in Leonding (line 191).

Key places to visit
Maximilian Linz tower, Tower 9 Museum, Danube ports, The segment towers


Places to Visit

Maximilian Linz tower

was a line in the early 19th Century built fortifications.It consisted of a belt of fortification towers around the city of Linz and is also known as Fortress Danube Linz, Linz or Maximilian entrenched camp of fortifications known.The construction of the tower line Linzer is an initiative of the Archduke Maximilian Joseph of Austria-Este back.Likely to have played a role in his experience from the year 1809 when it failed, Napoleon stopped on his march to Vienna.Maximilian has therefore proposed an empire attachment system should be defended at the strategically important locations by a line of isolated towers.Realized however was only the fixing of Linz.

Tower 9 Museum

The City Museum is housed in Leonding Tower 9 of Maximilian's fortress a witness to the fortress architecture of the Biedermeier period.It is itself an architectural experience, the "Tower Museum" to visit.Covering an area of 800 m 2, the history of the region on the basis of historically valuable exhibits that date back to the time before 26 million years ago, and experience with audio-video installations.

Danube ports

Left and right of the Danube were the so-called ports.Directly on the bank was a hermitage, respectively, it was followed by a wall that led up the hill and ended in a control room.At the Klausen iron rings were immured in a chain could be suspended for shutting off the Danube.

The segment towers

Which were smaller on the Danube, in today's port area the towers 26 to 30 and had a segment-shaped floor plan.They had only two stories, the magazine floor and a combined living and gorge floor.None of the towers is still preserved.The towers were surrounded by a ditch, stood in front of the glacis (earthen wall, partially reinforced with stone walls).Only the uppermost part of the tower with the top sticking out of the glacis.Magazine and residential floor were below the ground level.The entrance to the gorge floor was over a drawbridge at the throat (back) available.

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