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By train

The Norwegian state railways (NSB) has departures for Oslo once every hour throughout the day, journey time for Oslo is 2 hours 6 minutes on most departures. There is also two daily trains to Stavanger, the western terminus of the southern railway line.

By ferry

Hirtshals Colorline operates a super fast type ferry on the line, which does the crossing in 3 hours 45 minutes. Tickets for an adult goes for 180 DKK and up, while the price for a car with max 5 passengers are starts at 720 DKK. As of October 21st 2008, departure times from Larvik was 8.00 and 17.30.

Key places to visit
Mansion Hill, The Manor, Larvikitt, Tjolling Church, Larvik Museum, Beechwood, Larvik church, Culture wave


Places to Visit

Mansion Hill

Manor Hill in Larvik runs between Manor Plain and Hunter Castle Street / Kristian Peace Road. It starts at the mansion as the Count Ulrik Frederik Gyldenlove was set up in the second half of the 1600s.At the top of the hill is the old police house, which was stormed by an angry crowd in 1903, after a dramatic hotel fire in Main Street, where a young girl burned inside. Police Salicath had refused to perform a rescue, which he considered to be too risky.

The Manor

The Manor (Larvik) is located on Manor Plain in Larvik . Manor Hill in Larvik starts here.The manor house was built as a residence for Ulrik Frederik Gyldenlove , the building was begun in 1674 and was completed to his third wedding in 1677 . Europa was the Count of Larvik counties and the governor in Norway.It was originally the manor house outside the city limits, surrounded by a large garden stretching down to the sea in the south. The manor house was protected in 1923 . Today the mansion part of Larvik Museum .Throughout the year, Manor houses a number of cultural events and other events.


Larvikitt, a monzonittisk dyperuptiv rock that is known for its beautiful play of colors. Larvikitt is the most important natural stone mined on a large scale. The quarries are taken out two main varieties, light and dark larvikite larvikite. It may be significant variations in the appearance of the stone between localities. The cracks are mainly located in Larvik in Vestfold and some in Porsgrunn in Telemark . Larvikitt is only found in the Oslo Region , mainly in Larvik and surrounding areas. It is used for building facades, tomb monuments, bench Father, tiles and similar worldwide. The rock is named after the town of Larvik. As a commodity it is often marketed under names such as light labrador, black labrador, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl and the like, and has become an important export commodity. In 2005, exports larvikite for 660 million.Larvikitt was in February 2008 as Norway's national stone.

Tjolling Church

Tjolling Church is located in Larvik municipality in Vestfold .The church is located at a place in the Middle Ages has been a local center of power for southern Vestfold. The farm Huseby is close by. It is estimated that there is a connection between this farm and marketplace Kaupang . The place was probably a pagan sanctuary in central pre-Christian times.Tjolling church is a basilica , the only one of this type in the Vestfold outside Tonsberg .It was probably Sigurd the Crusader , who built the early 1100's . The church was restored in 1860.

Larvik Museum

Larvik museum's administrative framework for three museum devices in Larvik municipality in Vestfold county. Larvik Museum - a department of the Vestfold Museum IKS - located in the plant farm in the abandoned factory complex of the Treschow-Fritzoe on Langestrand in Larvik, but also display locations Manor (Larvik) , Larvik Maritime Museum and The town of Skiringssal.


Beechwood in Larvik is the country's first public recreational area, donated in 1884 by Mr. Treschow to Larvik Town's population. The area was in 1980 protected under the Nature Conservation Act as conservation area . Biological classified forest smylebokeskog .The area is centrally located in Larvik , between downtown and E18 , on top of the moraine . There are two fields with smaller burial mounds from the Iron Age in the area. These are not archaeological excavations.

Larvik church

Larvik Church is a church from 1677 to Tollerodden in Larvik municipality, Vestfold county. The structure is the renovated brick and has 450 seats. The church tower was not built to the church until 1762.Larvik church is located on Tollerodden which is on the outskirts of the village on the waterfront. On the initiative of the governor Ulrik Frederik Gyldenlove was sent an application from citizens in Larvik the king to be building a new church of their own funds. It was granted permission in 1668 and the new church was consecrated on 6 in January 1677 . In 1679 issued Gyldenlove a gift letter to the church where the interest of the capital would be used for maintenance. The document also described a memorial service that was held on "Fredriciadagen» 14 November each year.

Culture wave

The cultural wave, called Bolja, is a cultural center in Larvik in Vestfold. It was opened Saturday 10 in October 2009.Niels Torp Architects were originally engaged by the plot donors Mille-Marie Treschow and Stein Erik Hagen . The company signed a cultural center with an undulating roof like a rolling swell, hence the name wave.Culture is located on the old pier in the inner harbor of the city, not far from where the terminal to the Danish ship MS "Peter Wessel" was. A wave of nearest neighbors is Farris Bad Hotel .

Svenner guy

Svenner lighthouse on the island Korpekollen in the archipelago Svenner in Larvik municipality. The lighthouse was lit for the first time 22 in October 1874 . The original tower was built in stone by prisoners who were at Akershus Fortress . In 1900 , the existing tower in the cast-iron building. tower height of 18.7 m, the top of the tower is 40 meters above sea level. Lighthouse is located 40.3 meters above high tide condition and has a lysvidde of 17.8 nautical mil . The lighthouse was avbemannet in late 2002 and automated in 2003 . The lighthouse and associated buildings were protected in 1997.

Right Time to Visit

January - March