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North Holland
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Nearest airports to Laren are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.Deventer  Teuge Airport (distanced approximately 22 km) – airport hotels
 Enschede Twenthe Airport (distanced approximately 35 km)
 Deelen (Arnhem) Airport (distanced approximately 37 km)
 Petersburg Fort Lee AAF Airport (distanced approximately 38 km)
 Stadtlohn Wenningfeld Airport (distanced approximately 40 km)

Key places to visit
St. John's Basilica, Singer Museum, Rosa Spier House, The Grain Mill, Water Tower, Laren Mountain


Places to Visit

St. John's Basilica

The Basilica of St. John the Baptist and St. John's Basilica is a basilica in Laren in Het Gooi .The neo-Gothic building was designed by Wolter to Riele and dates from 1924.Every year on the feast of John the Baptist 's birth St. John's Procession held.

Singer Museum

Singer concert halland the Singer Museum a museum and theater , located next to each other in Laren (North Holland) . They are the legacy of the American art collector William Singer (1868-1943).
William Singer was the son of a steel giant in Pittsburgh . Together with his wife Anna, he traveled through Europe and settled in 1901 in the artist colony of Laren. There they left the house at 1911 Wild Swans build part of the current Singer Laren.
After Williams death in 1943 led by Anna Singer collection into a foundation in memory of her husband. To the growing collection for public access to the villa in the period 1953-1956 extended with a concert hall and a museum wing, designed by the architect Laren Wouter Hamdorff .

Rosa Spier House

The Rosa Spier House is a residential and employment center for artists and scientists . It is located in Laren (North Holland) and was on 11 October 1969 opened by Marga Klompé , the then Minister of Culture, Recreation and Social Work . The idea for a "safe haven for older artists' came from the harpist Rosa Spier . The purpose of the house, it is possible for older artists to keep their energy into stopping their work and personal care to leave to others. Founded in 1963 Henriette Polak Foundation at the Rosa Spier who built the house finally possible.

The Grain Mill

The Grain Mill is an octagonal binnenkruier - flour mill in Laren .
The present mill was built in 1773 , and perhaps moved a polder . The mill has since a suction gas engine received in the First World War has been replaced by an electric motor . In 1920 , the mill was already neglected to stand still. In 1926 the mill was restored, after a campaign backed by the local citizenry. In 1939 and 1962 there were restorations.
Finally in 1988 the sails removed because it was too bad, but in 1998 the mill again a big restoration times and been skilfully restored.

Water Tower

The water tower in Laren was commissioned by Ontario Provincial water company designed by architect Wouter Hamdorff and was built in 1931 - 1 933 . According to the construction contract was intended that the water tower was going to do doubles as lookout .
The tower is located on the Western Highway and is made of concrete and lined with oral vowels. The water tower has a height of 35.65 meters and two water tanks of 500 m.
The architect commissioned Hamdorff was that the form in the rural area had to adjust because the tower had to be high was not easy. When the work was completed, by the principal and highly rated by peers.

Laren Mountain

Laren Berg is a property in North Holland Laren .
The estate has about 24 acres of land in 1833 by the Amsterdam lawyer Cornelis Backer was purchased. Backer was the wasteland into a property with style. The famous landscape architect JD Zocher Jr. was the likely architect of the mansion on the estate. Several objects have the status of national monument.

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October - December


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