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By air

Airports nearest to Lamego are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
    Vila Real Airport (distanced approximately 21 km)
    Ourilandia Airport (distanced approximately 39 km)
    Alijo Airport (distanced approximately 40 km)
    Viseu Airport (distanced approximately 42 km)
    Mirandela Airport (distanced approximately 65 km)

By road

Lamego is a city where they spend several roads, a highway and eventually an additional route that are:
A24 - Highway connecting Delhi - 3 Keys that have us in the county (Bigorne / Pretarouca, Lamego, Valdigem)
IC26 (draft) - Will Amarante call the weight of the Ruler to Trancoso and Lamego. Will have two nodes in the county (Lamego A24 and Industrial Zone of Lowland Abrunhais)
EN2 - former national care Keys to Faro and which crosses the city from north to south is an alternative currently being used in some sections a little more like an urban street.
EN226 - old road linking Amarante Trancoso which is now the main route connecting the Lamego due to construction of the A24 which has a node with this uneven path and being here that connects to Tondela and Tarouca.

Key places to visit
Lamego Museum, Cathedral of Lamego, Shrine of Our Lady of Remedies, Castle Lamego


Places to Visit

Lamego Museum

The Lamego Museum is located in the historic city of Lamego, the former Bishop's Palace, a building that D. Manuel Pereira de Vasconcelos, Bishop of Lamego, have erected in the second half of the eighteenth century and provided with a fence and garden. Today, the Museum of Lamego is an important reference for the Arts and Heritage in the panorama regional, national and even international, given the quality and uniqueness of some works of art that exposes under the permanent exhibition, deserving special reference to five tablets of Vasco Fernandes, which were part of the altarpiece of twenty tablets of Lamego Cathedral.

Cathedral of Lamego

The Cathedral of Lamego, was founded in 1129. It is a cathedral Gothic maintains the tower original square, but the rest of the architecture reflects the changes made in the centuries XVI and XVIII, including a cloister Renaissance with a dozen arches well proportioned.In the twelfth century, after the restoration of the diocese of Lamego, began building a larger temple. Its location in the Rossio efectivou Lamego, in the lower zone of the future metropolis, and started in the year 1159. Sacred in 1175 to St. Mary and St. Sebastian, the probable completion of the cathedral would only happen in 1191. However, the various ages of history undertook to alter significantly the original Romanesque profile.

Shrine of Our Lady of Remedies

The Shrine of Our Lady of Remedies is located in the parish of the Cathedral, city and municipality of Lamego, Viseu district, in Portugal. At the top of Mount St. Stephen, the sanctuary is currently part of the panorama of the city which is united by a scenographic staircase. The popular devotion at the site dates back to a chapel under the invocation of St. Stephen, built in 1361. In the sixteenth century, threatening ruin was demolished ( 1568 ), beginning the construction of a new temple, initiated by the bishop of Lamego. In the new chapel was placed a statue of the Virgin and Child.

Castle Lamego

The Castle of Lamego, in Riba-Douro, located in the parish of Almacave, city and county of Lamego, Viseu district, in Portugal. Castle Mountain originally, now its two wall panels, internal and external, fall into the urban fabric. Ex-libris of the city at the height of its walls can be sighted river water Coura, Balsemão and Varosa.

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