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By plane

You can fly in from most European cities (London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Rome); from Doha, Dubai, South Africa, Ethiopia, and Kenya. There are also direct flights from the United States (Atlanta). Continental Airlines announced it will begin service from Houston, Texas beginning in November 2011.

By bus

ABC. Operates buses from more than 12 cities around the country including Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Calabar, Kaduna; and international routes from Accra to Lagos. Online bookings also available.
Ifesinachi. Offers shuttle services between Abuja, Lagos, Abakaliki, Onitsha and many other cities around the country. Online bookings available.
The Young Shall Grow. Daily services to/fro Aba,Abuja, Lagos, Abakaliki, Onitsha and many other cities around the country.

Key places to visit
Badagry Town, Lagos Bar Beach, Tarkwa Bay, Lighthouse Beach, Eko Tourist Resort


Places to Visit

Badagry Town

The Ancient Slave Port of Badagry-also known as the 'Point of No Return'. This ancient town of Badagry was founded around l425 A.D. Before its existence, people lived along the Coast of Gberefu and this area later gave birth to the town of Badagry. It is the second largest commercial town in Lagos State, located an hour from Lagos and half hour from the Republic du Benin.

Lagos Bar Beach

This Beach is named after the sand bars that characterize the coastline of Lagos, not because of the myriad of bars that run along the beach itself. Very popular among beach goers,it is the main inner city beach, as the other beaches provide more of a “get away” from the city. Some of which include; Lekki Beach, Alpha Beach, Eleko Beach and Akodo Beach (to the East) and Tarkwa Bay, Ogogoro Island, Atlas Cove, Lighthouse beach, Ilashe Beach, Agaja Beach and Badagry beach (to the West) amongst others.

Tarkwa Bay

Tarkwa is a man made bay and beach created during the formation of the Lagos harbour. It's a sheltered beach within the harbour breakwater. It is easily accessible by boat from Tarzan Jetty at Maroko (Charge per person is low and affordable) or under Falomo bridge on Victoria Island. The beach is a pleasant outing and has safe bathing even for children. It has it's own resident community, most of whom make their living from the tourists who visit the beach. There's also the possibility to surf in a corner of Tarkwa Bay and other water sports such as Jet Skiing and Water Skiing are fairly common.

Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach Right beside Tarkwa Bay is the Lighthouse Beach, named after the 110-year-old lighthouse that guards the entrance to Lagos harbour. The Lighthouse can just be seen from the beach, and is well worth a visit as well. The walk along the beach between Tarkwa Bay and Lighthouse Beach is very pleasant– and at times one can be the only person on the beach. You can watch the many ships queuing up to enter the port on the nearby horizon

Eko Tourist Resort

This place is at least a 40 minute drive from Lagos. The Resort has chalets,restaurants and a large conference hall on 10 acres, with more than a half a mile of clean beach.

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