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La Serena

La Serena
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By Air

LAN flies three times daily from Santiago de Chile to La Serena at 10:50, 14:00 and 19:00.Flight duration is 1 hour and fully flexible ticket cost $168 US one way, $305 return advance non-flexible return tickets through the website may be much cheaper than the flexible one way price.

By Bus

Buses leave several times every hour from Santiago de Chile to La Serena.The trip takes 7 - 8 hours. Companies include Pullman Bus,TurBus and Flota Barrios.Available are regular buses,semi-cama and the first class salon-cama.Prices vary greatly.

Key places to visit
Elqui River, Cathedral of La Serena, Avenida Del Mar, La Serena Song Festival, Liceo Gregorio Cordovez


Places to Visit

Elqui River

The Elqui River starts in the west Andes,flowing into the Pacific Ocean,crossing the Chilean city of La Serena,is a wine and pisco producing area.Vicuna,its main town,was the home of Nobel Laureate poet Gabriela Mistral.Inca culture influenced the Diaguitas by improving their agricultural production, care of livestock, and employment of mining and domestic industries such as pottery and textiles.The Incas also provided bowls, jugs with handles on top in animal forms, and new decorative motifs such as triangles and checkerboard stripes.

Cathedral of La Serena

It is the biggest temple of the city,constructed in neoclassic style,measures 60 meters of extension per 20 meters of width,with 3 central bodies.Inside one finds the organ donated by the filántropa calm down Juana Ross de Edwards.The belfry dates back from the 20th century.

Avenida Del Mar

are one of the most crowded walks of La Serena, joining El Faro Monumental,in the south with an extension of 6 km and adjacent with Penuelas's beach (Coquimbo).However,the beaches of La Serena have very rough water and are not suitable for swimming.In comparison Coquimbo's beaches,such as The Horse-shoe have very calm water and clean sands.

La Serena Song Festival

is an annual music festival held in La Serena,Chile since 2004.Before its fifth edition (2008), the festival was cancelled by La Serena's mayor.has been acquiring national importance, due to the great quality of the invited artists. Also projects have been approved as a new international airport. Real estate development along the beach has created a tourist residential development from the Elqui river.

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