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La Plata - Argentina

Buenos Aires
La Plata
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By Air

Aerolíneas Argentinas  and LAN Argentina offer connections between Buenos Aires' international airport Ezeiza and many cities throughout South America, as well as North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Qantas [4] now offers direct flights from Sydney to Buenos Aires.

By Boat

Regular hydrofoils routes link Buenos Aires with Montevideo and Colonia in Uruguay. The company Buquebus [5] has both a slow (3 hours) and rapid (1 hour) ferry service that departs several times a day to Colonia. Ferries depart from the downtown Buenos Aires neighborhood Puerto Madero. There are two companies (Cacciola [6] and Líneas Delta [7]) that link the city of Tigre with Carmelo and Nueva Palmira in Uruguay, respectively. Trains [8] to Tigre depart from Retiro (one of Buenos Aires' main train stations) every ten minutes. The trip costs 1.1 pesos and takes 50 minutes.

By Bus

Retiro is enormous, more like an airport than the typical bus terminal. For long distance buses it is advisable to buy a ticket several days in advance of your trip. Be sure to arrive about 45 minutes before your departure and always ask at an information counter if your gate number is the same as printed on your ticket. You will be given a range of possible gate numbers (for example 17-27). Watch your belongings carefully at Retiro as it is always very crowded.

Key places to visit
Park Pereyra Iraola, La Plata Cathedral, City Hall Building, La Plata Museum


Places to Visit

Park Pereyra Iraola

The Park Pereyra Iraola is an extensive park located in the Province of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. It is the zone of greater biodiversity of the province.

The terrain belonged originally to the family Pereyra Iraola who acquired Juana Rita Pinto and called to the San Juan stay. But in 1949 it was expropriated to construct a park that was inaugurated a year later. The park measures 10,246 hectares and it is located between the parties of Berazategui, Florencio Varela, the Silver and Cove.

La Plata Cathedral

Located in La Plata geographical centre , separated by Moreno Square from the City Hall, it invites us to consider it. The magnificence of this Neo Gothic Temple which started being built in XIX Century ( in 1885 precisely ) charms you from the distance. It catches you as you stand opposite the building and ends up trapping you as you enter it.

When observing its shapes, which are similar to a latin cross made up of five naves ( the central nave and two colateral ones ) , and the majestic apse , you feel an unequalled joy.

City Hall Building

Governor Dardo Rocha's proposal for the establishment of a new capital for the paramount Province of Buenos Aires, useful to the mollification of the province's Independence-leaning gentry, was quickly approved by the Argentine Congress following the 1880 Federalization of Buenos Aires. Overseeing a furor of construction, Rocha inaugurated the city of La Plata on November 19, 1882, creating the first planned city in South America, and its first with electric lighting.

Planned by Pedro Benoit, La Plata's diagonal streets would be anchored by a central plaza, named in honor of Primera Junta statesman Mariano Moreno. Moreno Plaza is overlooked from the south by the Neogothic Cathedral, designed by Benoit and Ernesto Meyer, and from the north by City Hall, designed by Meyer and German architect Hubert Stie

La Plata Museum

The building, 135 meters (443 feet) long, today houses 3 million fossils and relics (including 44,000 botanical items), an amphitheatre, opened in 1992, and a 58,000-volume library, serving over 400 university researchers. Around 400,000 visitors (8% of whom are from outside Argentina) pass through its doors yearly, including a thousand visiting researchers.

Right Time to Visit

January - April


January - February -> 32(°C) - Summer
July - August -> 4(°C) - Spring


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