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La Paz

Estado de Baja California Sur
La Paz
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By Bus

There are three types of shared public transportation in La Paz: regular buses or "micros"; shared vans, called "mini buses", and shared taxis running set routes advertised on the windshield, called "trufis". The former cost Bs 1,30 while the second are Bs 1,50-2,30 depending on duration. A trufi will generally cost you Bs 3 to 3,50. All types have their routes indicated on the windshield, but mini buses have the bonus of fare collectors hanging out the side, yelling out routes in a rapid, auctioneer-like manner. You can hail a bus or mini bus anywhere; to get off, just yell out "¡voy a bajar!"

By Taxi

The easiest way to get around is by taxi. They aren't metered, so agree on a fare before boarding; a ride within downtown should be about Bs 6-8. If you want to go further, ask two or more taxi drivers before boarding. A normal ride by taxi from downtown to a place within the city won't cost more than 20 Bs.

Key places to visit
San Ignacio, Bahia Concepcion, Cabo San Lucas, Boat Excursions, Beaches


Places to Visit


Among the many beaches near La Paz, some close to the town and others rather farther away, are Playa Sur to the south, Centenario to the west and Costa Baja, Eréndira, Pichilingue, El Tecolote and Puerto Balandra to the north and north-east; near Las Cruzes are El Saltito, El Palo, Los Muertos and El Rosarito.

Boat Excursions

There are boat excursions to the offshore islands such as Espiritu Santo, La Partida and Islotes, where visitors can observe sealions and various species of birds, There are also good facilities for diving and fishing.

Cabo San Lucas

The former fishing community and now fast expanding modern holiday centre of Cabo San Lucas lies surrounded by a landscape in which virtually nothing grows, at the southern tip of the Lower Californian peninsula. Spectacular rock formations, varied beaches, an ocean teeming with fish and an excellent tourist infrastructure attract increasing numbers of holidaymakers, mainly from the USA, and keen deep-sea anglers in particular.

Bahia Concepcion

About 10km/6mi past Mulegé, in a particularly charming coastal region, streches Bahía Concepción, with beautiful beaches such as Punta Arena, Santiapac, El Coyote, El Requesón and Los Muertos.

San Ignacio

From Guerrero Negro the road leads inland and, after about 78mi/126km, it reaches the pretty town of San Ignacio. With its Jesuit church, begun in 1728 and completed in 1786 by Juan Crisóstomo Gómez, it possesses the best preserved place of worship in Baja California. For those interested it is worth while making the three or four hour trip from here, under expert guidance, to see the cave paintings of Cueva de la Cuesta del Palmerito. These portray large impressions of animals and men, the origin and age of which have not yet been researched. These rock drawings (100 bc-ad 1300) have been declared world cultural sites by UNESCO. Other caves in the vicinity should be visited only if, in addition to a guide, you have some days to spare and are suitably equipped.

On the left, on the road to the coast, stands the still active volcano Las Tres Virgenes (7,150ft/2,180m above sea-level).

Right Time to Visit

May - July


July - August -> 35(°C) - Summer
January - February -> 13(°C) - Spring


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