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Country: Kuwait
State: Kuwait (General)
City: Kuwait
Type of Location: Multiple
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By plane

Kuwait International Airport (IATA: KWI)is 16 km (10 mi) south of Kuwait City. See the main Kuwait article for the full scoop.

In 2008, a railway network connecting Arab states of the Persian Gulf was proposed, although work is yet to start. A metro network was designed, with four lines and stations across the entire city and suburbs. Although it has faced considerable delays, the project is expected to commence construction sometime in 2011 and open parts of the first two lines by July 2016.

Key places to visit
Kuwait Towers, Liberation Tower, National Museum, Sadu House, Seif Palace, Grand Mosque


Places to Visit

Kuwait Towers

Kuwait's unofficial symbol, found on everything except the flag, are Kuwait's top attraction. Designed by Swedes, built by Yugoslavs, and opened in 1979, they're actually rather interesting up close, as the spheres are covered with a funky polka-dot pattern made up from colored circular plates. The first, 178 m (583 ft) high, houses the Viewing Sphere (123 m [403 ft]) complete with a rotating viewing platform; don't miss the photos of the damage done by the Iraqi "barbaric invaders", at the foot of the staircase to the second level of the sphere. In the viewing sphere there is also a small bar that serves soft drinks and snacks. You can enjoy your snack at a stand-up table on the rotating viewing platform. The lower sphere houses the Ofok restaurant (82 m [270 ft]), serving breakfast (ladies only), lunch and dinner buffets daily. The second tower, 145.8 m (478 ft) high, is for water storage and is not accessible to the public, while the third, sphereless spike mostly serves to light up the other two at night. Best visited, but also the most crowded, at sunset

Liberation Tower

Liberation Tower is One of the tallest telecommunications towers in the world. Tourists are no longer allowed to enter the tower; however, visitors seem to be allowed in on February 25th, National Day.

National Museum

    Stripped of many artifacts during the war – part of it has been renovated and is now open to the public for display. One exhibition shows ancient relics found on Failaka Island and the other resembles a carefully designed copy of an old Kuwaiti souq (market). An old Kuwaiti boum (dhow) is on display as well. Entrance is free

Sadu House

  Right beside the National Museum. Made of coral and gypsum and is used as a cultural museum to protect the arts and crafts of Bedouin society. It is an ideal place to purchase Bedouin goods. Seems to be closed at least temporarily as of early 2010.

Seif Palace

     Built in 1896, the interior features original Islamic mosaic tile work, though these suffered badly during the Iraqi occupation. You will not be allowed to enter, however it is still interesting to walk by and see the vast gardens of the palac

Grand Mosque

   Across from the Seif Palace and about a quarter mile east of the National Museum. Guided tours by friendly Kuwaitis are available for tourists. Women can borrow a proper dress from the mosque in order to enter. You will likely be told a time to come back for a tour by the security guard when you visit the mosque. Come back at that time and there will hopefully be a couple of guides available.

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