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Sri Lanka
North Western - Srilanka
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Kurunegala is lucky to become an important cross-roads town. It lies on the  route from Kandy to the Puttalam and Colombo to Anuradapura. The town lies 116km from Colombo and 60km from Kandy. It is well-connected to various places in the country by rail and road. Kurunegala Station is one of the major railway stations along this railway line.

Key places to visit
The rocks, Maligawa Ancient Ruins, Arankele, Dambadeniya, Yapahuwa, Panduwasnuwara


Places to Visit

The rocks

Kurunegala is surrounded by several major rock outcrops, a distinctive

geological feature of the Wayamba province of Sri Lanka.

    * Etha-gala (Elephant Rock)
    * Ibba-gala (Tortoise Rock)
    * Ada-gala (Eel Rock)
    * Elu-gala (Goat Rock)
    * Kuruminiya-gala (Beetle Rock)
    * Wandura-gala (Monkey Rock)
    * Yakdessa-gala(Witch Rock)
    * Goni-gala (Sack Rock)

Maligawa Ancient Ruins

These ancient ruins give us a glimpse of the past glory of Kurunegala. Whatever has remained of the ancient structures are enough to remind us of the old glory of the country. Elegant stone entrance, steps, rock pillars and ruined walls of the royal palace can be seen here. Several tall old trees can also be witnessed here


Arankele is located 24km north of Kuruneglala. Main attraction here is a 6th century cave hermitage up a forested hillside. Once meditation halls, stone-faced double platform structures and ambulatories for the Tapovana (Forest-dwelling) sect were located here. Ancient Brahmi donative inscription testifies this.



Dambadeniya sits 30km south-west of Kurunegala. It gainedprominence in the mid-13th century when the capital was moved there by Parakramabahu II (1236- 1270) together with the Tooth Relic. Little remains of the palace buildings now. However 6 ponds can still be seen in Dambadeniya. The 2-storey temple here is very famous. It has images of Buddha. Few interesting frescos adorn the temple walls here.


Lying north of Kurunegala, this is the ancient fortress and capital built in the year 1301. Yapahuwa is a rock rising to a height of 90m. Many traces of ancient battle defaces can still be seen. But the ornamental stairway is its biggest showpiece.



Panduwasnuwara is the oldest temple in the district. Located in northwest direction, it hosts several sites of historical and conventional importance like the Ektemge and the moated tower. Princess Unmada Chitra was incarcerated in this tower because of an ominous prophecy of untimely demise in the family. Tomb of King Vijay lies in the forest.



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