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Gaafu Dhaalu
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By Air

The nearest major airport to Kudahuvadhoo, Maldives is Kadhdhoo Airport (KDO / VRMK).This airport is in Kadhdhoo, Maldives and is about 113 km from the center of Kudahuvadhoo, Maldives.If you're looking for domestic flights to KDO, check the airlines that fly to KDO.

By Taxi

Although Male is relatively small you may need the services of a taxi especially if it is raining. In Male taxis charge between Rf. 15.00 to 20.00 per stop, with an extra charge of Rf. 5.00 for luggage carried. Although taxis can be hailed on the street the norm in Male is to call one of the many taxi centers that operate in the city.

Key places to visit
Mulee Aage Palace, Grand Friday Mosque, National Museum Of Male, Surfing


Places to Visit

Mulee Aage Palace

This palace is situated in the capital of the nation, Male.It can be referred to as one of the landmarks that you will find in this capital.Mulee aage Palace, Maldives was constructed by Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen III.That was way back in 1906.The palace has completed its 100 years this year and is currently used as the Office of the President of Maldives.The construction of Mulee aage Palace, Maldives includes iron gates that has made it quite secured.If you want to know about the efficiency of the architects here then you should take a look at this island.Like other Maldives Tourist Attractions this one will take much of your time if you want to explore it in detail.If you go through the history of this palace then you will also know that this palace served as the residence of the President for 41 years since 1953.After that, however, the president was shifted to the new building.Attractions in Maldives will never make you feel bored.Mulee aage Palace, Maldives is a place that you should not forget to visit as it is a part of the history of the place.

Grand Friday Mosque

In this center several important seminars of international level such as the SAARC General Meeting have been held.Grand Friday Mosque, Maldives has a dominant golden dome and beautiful minarets.The minarets decorate the mosque in a unique way.The Grand Friday Mosque in Maldives can accommodate over five thousand worshipers at a time.Grand Friday Mosque, Maldives is a magnificent landmark.It is also known as the Huskuru Miskyii.The mosque houses the tombs of national heroes of the country.Grand Friday Mosque, Maldives is also the resting place of the members of royalty.Such features give the tourists an idea of the country's history. In other words, visitors get to catch a glimpse of the past.The art in the mosque and royal burial grounds are grand and priceless.

National Museum Of Male

It is positioned in the only remaining building of the former Sultan's Palace.The Sultan's Palace has now been changed to the Sultan's Park.National Museum in Male, Maldives is an Edwardian colonial-style building of three story.If you see it from outside you cannot make out the amazing collection that it has got inside.National Museum in Male, Maldives is open daily except Friday and public holidays from 9.00 to 11.40 and 3.00 to 5.40.A small fee is charged for admission.The collections of this museum include many Roayla antiquities such as thrones, palanquins, costumes, coins, ornaments, arms and armor.You will also get to see arts and crafts such as coral sculptures that includes the coral head of Lord Buddha and a 13th century engraved wooden panel from Hukuru Miskiiy.


A growing list of surf points offers a variety of rights.Lefts and reforms that is truly exciting the global surfing communities.There is no one else here and plenty more perfect virgin waves to discover. Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll offers world-renowned surfing location like the famous point near the island of Fiyoari.

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