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By Air

Kristiansund Airport (IATA: KSU, ICAO: ENKB) is a small size international airport located next to the small mountain Kvernberget.connections to/from Kristiansund consist of the traditional coastal express Hurtigruten connecting coastal towns from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes in the north and the high speed catamaran passenger service Kystekspressen to Trondheim.Another option to get to Kristiansund is to fly with Scandinavian Airlines from several other Norwegian cities.

By Road

The road to Kristiansund from the mainland, Norwegian National Road 70 is connected to European Route E39 at the bridge/tunnel system called Krifast.After passing through the underwater Freifjord Tunnel from the central part of Krifast, National Road 70 crosses Frei, and enters Kristiansund over the Omsund Bridge onto Nordlandet.The Nordsund Bridge brings the Rv 70 to Gomalandet and its terminus in downtown at Kirkelandet.Another high bridge, the Sorsund Bridge, leads from Kirkelandet to Innlandet.E39 leads southwest to Molde and northeast via E6 to Trondelag and Trondheim.

By Ferry

There was a car ferry going from Kirkelandet to Averoy whose people have been commuting to town for many years for work as well as selling agricultural products.The ferry to Averoy connected Kristiansund to Norwegian National Road 64, which continued along the scenic Atlanterhavsvegen to Molde.The ferry was replaced by the 5.7-kilometre long underwater Atlantic Ocean Tunnel in December 2009.

Key places to visit
Grip Stave Church, Kirkelandet Church, Festiviteten in Kristiansund, Norwegian cod museum, Tahiti Festival, Nordmore Museum, Kristiansund Fire Museum


Places to Visit

Grip Stave Church

Grip stave Church is a stave second half of the 1400s on the island of Grip in Kristiansund municipality for Nordmore.Still, the church's medieval core intact, but many parts of the building is renewed.Ship and the chorus has the same width, 6.5 meters.In 1621 the walls of the choir changed, and these were painted.In the 1870s it was instituted new window openings and the outer and inner walls were paneled and painted white.In 1933 it was carried out extensive restoration.The church was raised and put on new foundations.The outer walls were clad and tarred and the panel inside the church were uncovered.

Kirkelandet Church

is Kristiansund's main church, built in 1964.The church is located on the long road on the island Kirkelandet.The church is considered the first true modern church building in Norway.Architect Odd Ostbye has built a form that breaks totally with traditional church architecture.The architectural idea behind the church country church is "Crystal in roses" which means that the church will shine like a bright crystal among the roses in the west slope.Church land the church stands on the Cultural Heritage list of the churches listed in the National class.

Festiviteten in Kristiansund

is a building used as the city's party and local theater.The building was built in Art Nouveau style and is built of stone taken from the "Club" in Kristiansund.The building was completed in 1914.Festiviteten in Kristiansund is famous as the venue for the annual opera week each February.Kristiansund Opera is known for using local amateurs in addition to professional opera singers, and currently has the status of resources and expertise for regional opera.Opera Company had a separate item on the state budget since 1980.Annual production shows Donna Bacalao, the ferry boat Syver, The Nutcracker and the Opera Festival.

Norwegian cod museum

Norwegian cod museum is located in Kristiansund, and is established as part of Nordmore Museum.The museum is housed in Milnbrygga, an authentic dried fish pier from the mid 1700's.The museum shows how dried fish production has taken place in Norway for more than 250 years.The pier belongs drying fish and wash place to fish.The resort is situated on the harbor, right in Kristiansund cityscape.Every year bacalao festival where firms and dried fish lovers compete to create the best bacalao.Bacalao in Norwegian is a stew of dried cod.It is produced dried fish since before 1749, when the cod Scottish merchant William Gordon raised the oldest parts of the pier.The building was named after a later owner, he also one of the Scottish dried fish merchants, Walter Milne.

Tahiti Festival

is a music festival held in Kristiansund each year.The festival is organized by Frode Alnaes and cafe Dodeladen the Inland and was originally designed to create enthusiasm around town, formerly known as Tahiti.The festival was first held in 2000.

Nordmore Museum

Nordmore Museum District Museum of Nordmore in More and Romsdal county.The museum is based in Kristiansund and is organized as a foundation.The museum currently has branches in several municipalities in North More: Smola, Averoy, Tingvoll, Surnadal, Rindal and Sunnyvale.Director's Torild Rodsand.The museum was founded under the name Kristiansund Museum in 1894, and the main building from the start was an exhibition pavilion of the great fisheries exhibition held in 1892.Wilhelm Lund was an enthusiastic young museum man who, in collaboration with museum founder Anders Sandvig in Lillehammer made plans for a major cultural open-air museum in Kristiansund.Almskarstua, one of the last authentic roykovnstuene from Nordmore, was moved to the Kristiansund.The museum also secured a storage house, before you realized that the weather in Kristiansund is not suited to a regular open-air museum with buildings transfers.

Kristiansund Fire Museum

Kristiansund fire museum is a collection of municipal engineering, with emphasis on fire prevention.Museum of goods taken from Kristiansund fire brigade and is located in the city's fire station.The museum is only open on request.The museum's treasure is an original English built fire truck, a Leyland Model 1925.Altogether, the museum has five fire engines.The city's fire pump from 1769, purchased from Hamburd, is also seen in the museum along with many other fire fighting equipment.

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