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By Air

Airports nearest to Kongsberg are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Notodden Airport (distanced approximately 26 km)
Skien Geiteryggen Airport (distanced approximately 52 km)
Oslo/fornebu Airport (distanced approximately 60 km)
Torp Airport (distanced approximately 62 km)
Rygge Airport (distanced approximately 71 km)

By Road

The main highways are the E134, crossing Kongsberg east to west (and connected to the E18 to Oslo) and Norwegian national road 40 (Riksvei 40), going north to south.

By Train

Sorlandsbanen railway line stops at Kongsberg station, with connection to local and regional bus lines.

Key places to visit
Kongsberg Church, The crowns of the scoops, Norwegian Mining Museum, Kongsberg Ski Museum, Lagdalsmuseet, Kongsberg Jazz Festival


Places to Visit

Kongsberg Church

is a cruciform church from 1761 in Kongsberg municipality, Buskerud county.The church is a distinctive and richly endowed rococo church, consecrated in 1761.The church bears a large extent reflect the fact that there were two German experts each with a completely different style which was responsible for the church building the 21 years construction period lasted.Kongsberg church has a simple exterior but very rich interior and is the largest Baroque church in Norway.Kongsberg church is of brick and is the Church of Norway with the most seats with its 2400 seats.Historically, it is argued that the 4000 church-goers could get into the church together.Today, audiences are allowed a limited number to 1,100.

The crowns of the scoops

In June 1704 visited the then King Frederik IV Kongsberg and started a practice that is alive to this day, to cut into the royal monograms in "scoops".King Frederick also struck the monograms from past royal visits.The first monogram in the mountain belongs of course Christian IV, who in 1624 would take the newly discovered silver deposits more closely and then founded the Kongsberg.

Norwegian Mining Museum

is the national museum of mining.The museum located in Kongsberg center is based in Kongsberg Silver Mines Old Smelting Works from 1844.The museum displays through various exhibitions throughout the over 330 year old history of mining in Kongsberg.The museum also other departments.Both the Royal Mint Museum, Kongsberg Industry (Kongsberg Arms Factory Museum) and Kongsberg ski museum is based in the same premises.In addition are also silver mines in Saggrenda, slowing down the houses and the mining landscape of the mountains to Knut.The museum also offers special mining walks and city tours.

Kongsberg Ski Museum

One of the major driving forces of the Kongsberg Ski Museum has been Birger Ruud.The museum displays the ski and ski history through different times and in particular King's storhetsstid skiing in the mid 1920s until the 1950s.


Lagdalsmuseet was founded 22 February 1924 by Tov Flatin, Per Mortensen, Otto Monsen.The first years were the museum to the Kongsberg Silver Mines Old Smelting Works, where the Norwegian Mining Museum currently located.Lagdalsmuseet the regional museum of local Flesberg, Kongsberg, Flesberg, Rollag and Nore and Uvdal and is within walking distance from the center of Kongsberg.The museum currently has 32 buildings, including several Numedal, a Kongsberg Street with shop, miner's living room and schoolroom.

Kongsberg Jazz Festival

is an annual international jazz festival has been held in Kongsberg in Buskerud since 1964.The festival was originally organized by the jazz club Jazz Evidence, but was soon organized as an independent union.Today the festival is organized as a foundation.The festival is held each year in week 27 and in 2008 approx.30 000 visitors.Kongsberg Jazz Festival is known as the festival where it is always presented interesting and innovative music, both Norwegian and international artists.The festival always has a representative selection of artists in jazz and new directions in improvised music.The biggest concert in Kongsberg Jazz Festival, the Madrugada concert Tubaloonen in 2008.It had just over 5000 spectators.

Right Time to Visit

November - February