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By air

There is also the Kikinda Airport, a sports plane airstrip close to the city. The local flying club organizes lessons in parachuting, aviation and space-modeling. Planes are also flown from this airstrip to spray agricultural fields.

By train

Rail line Banatsko Arandelovo- Kikinda-Romanian border at Jimbolia, part of the former Szeged Timisoara railway is the second oldest railway in present-day Serbia. The city is also connected by rail to Subotica and to Belgrade through Zrenjanin.

By road

Regional roads connect Kikinda with all the neighbouring cities and villages. Buses operate regularly to the surrounding villages and major domestic and some European cities.

By water

The only transport waterway in the municipality is the Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal. There is a dock which is used for industrial transport.

Key places to visit
National Museum of Kikinda, The Jovan Popovic, National Theater, Serb Orthodox Holy Trinity, Roman Catholic Church


Places to Visit

National Museum of Kikinda

National Museum of Kikinda  was built in 1839. The building was at first the city curia and the seat of the District of Velika Kikinda until its abolishment in 1876. In 1946, the National Museum of Kikinda and the City Archive were founded and housed in the building. The Museum boasts of numerous artifacts which are displayed in its four sections: archeological, historical, ethnological and naturalist. As of recently, it also possesses a mammoth skeleton which was excavated on the premises of the "Toza Markovic" brick factory in 1996.

The Jovan Popovic

The Jovan Popovic National Library was founded in 1845 as citaonica Srbska (Serbian Reading Room). It was renamed in 1952 to Jovan Popovic in honor of a prominent poet from Kikinda. Besides serving its primary function of loaning books, the library also organizes literary meetings, book promotions, seminars, lectures, exhibitions, and has published several works.

National Theater

National Theater in Kikinda was founded only 50 years ago, Kikinda has a long theatrical tradition. Kikinda witnessed its first theatrical play in 1796 in German. The first play in Serbian was acted out in 1834. The theater is very popular with the citizens of Kikinda and has a continuous program all year round, including the summer when the stage is moved outside to the garden of the theater

Serb Orthodox Holy Trinity

Serb Orthodox Holy Trinity monastery located in the south end of the city. It was built between 1885 and 1887 as a foundation of Melanija Nikolic-Gajcic.

Roman Catholic Church

The construction of the Roman Catholic Church in Kikinda church was started in 1808 and completed in 1811.According to a popular belief, the treasure of Attila the Hun is buried somewhere on the territory of the municipality of Kikinda.

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