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Kharkiv Oblast
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By Air

Kharkiv is served by an international airport which used to have about 200 flights a day, almost all of them being passenger flights. The Kharkiv International Airport was only recently granted international status. The airport itself is not large and is situated within the city boundaries, south from the city centre. Flights to Kiev and Moscow are scheduled daily.There are regular flights to Vienna and Istanbul, and several other destinations. Charter flights are also available. The former largest carrier of the Kharkiv Airport-Aeromost-Kharkiv is not serving any regular destinations as of 2007. The Kharkiv North Airport is a factory airfield and was a major production facility for Antonov aircraft company.

By Train

The first railway connection of Kharkiv was opened in 1869. The first train to arrive in Kharkiv came from the north on 22 May 1869, and on 6 June 1869, traffic was opened on the Kursk–Kharkiv–Azov line. Kharkiv's passenger railway station was reconstructed and expanded in 1901, to be later destroyed in the Second World War. A new railway station was built in 1952.Various railway transportation methods available in the city are the: inter-city railway trains, and elektrichkas (regional electric trains).

By Trolley Bus

Being an important transportation centre of Ukraine, Kharkiv itself contains many different transportation methods. Kharkiv's Metro is the city's rapid transit system, operating since 1975, it includes three different lines with 29 stations in total.The Kharkiv buses carry about 12 million passengers annually, trolleybuses, tramways (which celebrated 100 years of service in 2006), and marshrutkas (private minibuses).

Key places to visit
Annunciation Cathedral, Gorky Park, Dynamovska Street, Drobitskiy Menora, Lopansky Bridge, Kharkiv Circus


Places to Visit

Annunciation Cathedral

Is the main Orthodox church of Kharkiv, Ukraine.The pentacupolar Neo-Byzantine structure with a distinctive 80-meter-tall bell tower was erected between 1889 and 1901, from designs by a local architect, Mikhail Lovtsov.The candy-striped cathedral supplanted the older Assumption Cathedral as the main church of Kharkiv and was one of the largest and tallest churches of the Russian Empire.The icon screen used to be of Carrara marble.The church was frescoed in a style derived from St Vladimir's Cathedral in Kiev.

Gorky Park

is a Kharkiv city park that is located in the area over 130 hectares and is limited to the southern corner Vesnina in the east - Sumy Street to the north - the so-called elite private settlement construction and the west - Dynamo street corner and Novgorod. It was founded in 1893-1895 and was opened in 1907 in 2006 to the day the city was restored colonnade at the entrance to the park in 2007 renovated fountain.In the park there are movie park, children's railway, aerial cableway, tennis courts etc.

Is a building is a constructivist structure located in Freedom Square, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Its name is an abbreviation of two words that, taken together, mean State Industry. In English the structure is known as the State Industry Building or the Palace of Industry.The building was one of a few showcase projects designed when Kharkiv (Kharkov) was the capital of the Ukrainian SSR. Built by a architects Sergei Serafimov, S.Kravets and M.Felger in only three years. It was to become the tallest structure in Europe for its time. The building also became the most spacious single structure in the world by the year of its completion in 1928 to be surpassed by New York's skyscrapers in 1930s. Its unique feature lies in the symmetry which can only be felt at one point, in the centre of the square.

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