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Khao Luang Mountain

Khao Luang
Type of Location:
Hill Station
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By Air

Nok Air, One Two Go Airlines and Air Asia operate daily flight services from Bangkok to Nakhon Si Thammarat airport. Flights take around 1 hour 15 minutes.There are minivans providing transport to the city, which is approx a 15 minute journey.

By Bus

Mini-busses depart for Hat Yai from Th Yommarat, which runs in front of the train station. If you walk south along this road from the station you'll come across a counter on the pavement. This saves you having to get to the bus station. It cost 140 baht and took about 3 hours with a stop for lunch along the way.

Key places to visit
Karom Waterfall, Hong Cave, Klong Klai River, Khao Luang National Park


Places to Visit

Karom Waterfall

Karom Waterfall is 300m from the park office and it is very popular with Thais on the weekends. Water magnificently cascades down 1,000m, over a series of cliffs and boulder strewn slopes, creating 19 different levels with some great bathing spots. A nature trail traverses the lower seven levels of the waterfall. Only these lower levels are open to the public. The seventh level, Nan Dat Fa, is the most beautiful. Watch out for the voracious leeches. The waterfall is surrounded by lush jungle, giant tree ferns and lots of bird and butterfly life.

Hong Cave

Hong Cave is worth exploring and it's conveniently situated just before Krung Ching Waterfall. A stream runs through the centre of the cave. Uniquely shaped stalagmites and stalactites thrive in the cave. It is only possible to access the cave by wading through water. Make sure to bring a flashlight.

Klong Klai River

It is possible to go rafting on the Klong Klai River. Rubber boats are available to rent at the Krung Ching Administration Office near Krung Ching Waterfall. The cost is 250 - 350B per person. Call the office at (075) 30 9004 or 01 677 3112 to check out the conditions.

Khao Luang National Park

Khao Luang National Park is 579 sq km of jungle covered mountains containing spectacular waterfalls and challenging hiking. The highlight is Khao Luang Mountain, southern Thailand's highest peak at 1,835 m (see the Khiriwong section for details on climbing the peak). The park has an unfortunate history. In 1988, a huge landslide killed over 300 people. This disaster served as a wake up call to the dangers of deforestation and logging and clear cutting have been reduced in the majority of the park. The Thai government has progressively encouraged the local community to preserve this national treasure before it disappears.

Right Time to Visit

October - November


January - August -> 25(°C) - Summer


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