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By air

Nearest airports to Kerkrade are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
 Aachen/merzbruck Airport (distanced approximately 9.0 km)
 Brunsumm Airport (distanced approximately 9.4 km)
 Aachen Merzbrueck Airport (distanced approximately 9.9 km)
 Geilenkirchen Airport (distanced approximately 11 km)
 Aachen Railway Airport (distanced approximately 11 km)

By train

Kerkrade has a station, Station Centre Kerkrade . The designation center dates to the time that there were more stations Kerkrade in the name.

Key places to visit
Castle Erenstein, GaiaZOO, Abbey Rolduc, Botanic Garden Kerkrade, Discovery Center Continium, Limburg Museum, Bonnefanten museum


Places to Visit

Castle Erenstein

Erenstein castle located in the municipality of Kerkrade in Dutch Limburg in Anstelvallei . Erenstein is a corruption of the family name of Eder, similar to those used by Knight Adam Eder. The addition stein meaning "stone house enhanced. "Eder" is almost immediately reduced to 'honor'. Locally, the name Erenstein sometimes spelled Ehrenstein.Erenstein long time the seat of families as Spies, Poyck, Grand Ry , and the Cartier Grupello. Architect Johann Joseph Couven on a number of architectural issues had a significant impact. Between 1900 and 1975 is usually described as a castle Erenstein Old Erenstein, to distinguish between the castle and the farm New Erenstein. The castle and the lands around them lie in an area Long Green and Crane Weyer called. The moat around the castle is fed from the Anstelerbeek .


GaiaZOO is a zoo located in Kerkrade in the southeast of the Dutch province of Limburg . The park is the first zoo in the province, was opened in 2005. Remarkably, despite all the criticism in the 21st century a new park with exotic animals was developed. The Apenheul based in Apeldoorn , a founding member of the park.GaiaZOO is named after the Goddess of Earth Gaia .

Abbey Rolduc

Rolduc, is a former monastery in the Dutch town of Kerkrade , which played an important role in the history of European coal mining . The original name was Red or Belgrade (cultivated area). In order to distinguish the location of places with the same name was Kloosterrade and Hertogenrade, in Latin Roda Ducis. The name comes from Rolduc the Napoleonic era and is a combination of red-le-Duc, French for 's-Hertogenrade .

Botanic Garden Kerkrade

The Botanical Garden Kerkrade is a botanical garden in the Dutch Kerkrade was founded in 1938. The garden covers 1.5 hectares and represents 195 plant families .The Botanical Garden Foundation manages the National Plant Collection of the following collections: pine family , Cryptomeria and fauna of Madagascar . The last collection is housed in the greenhouse complex was built in 1987. It consists of 34 genera, 252 species and 21 cultivars and represented by, among other plants from the genera Aloe , Euphorbia and Kalanchoe . There are also plants endemic genera to see .The garden is a member of the Dutch Association of Botanical Gardens and Museum Association .

Discovery Center Continium

Discovery Center Continium, Continium short, is a provincial museum in Kerkrade , Netherlands , next station Kerkrade Center . The museum is dedicated to the history of the last 150 years industry and society . Until June 13, 2009 was called the Museum Industrion.The museum has several working machines , and visitors can be seen in some exploratoriumonderdelen themselves how such a crankshaft works or the principle of compressed air experience. Attention is also paid to the mining industry in the region.Continium Discovery Center is one of the three provincial museums of the province of Limburg . The other two are the Limburg Museum and Bonnefantenmuseum .

Limburg Museum

The Limburg Museum is a historical and ethnological museum in Venlo . The Limburg Museum is one of the three provincial museums in Dutch Limburg, the other two are Industrion in Kerkrade and the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht.The museum has an extensive archaeological collection, the oldest pieces date from the Neolithic . The ethnographic collection includes more on carnival related items, devotional, agricultural implements, utensils and textiles (including clothing).The Limburg Museum since 2000 in a building designed by the architect born in Venlo Jeanne Dekkers . The Goltzius Museum in Venlo disappeared with the advent of the Limburg Museum. The museum is located in Juliana .

Bonnefanten museum

The Bonnefantenmuseum is a museum of art in Maastricht . It is one of the three provincial museums in Limburg .The name comes from the Bonnefanten Bonnefanten Monastery in the city of Maastricht, where the museum was established in 1951-1978. The museum website states this: "In the vernacular had this convent in the 18th century the name Couvent des Bons Enfants inherited, because the youth of the nuns so exemplary was trained. Soon was the monastery in the Maastricht parlance known Bonnefanten ".The museum opened its doors in 1884 as an archaeological museum of archeology Société d'dans le Duche de Limbourg. The first housing was in the former sacristy of the Augustinian Church. Over the years the museum has been housed successively in Dinghuis , the Protestant orphanage , the Bonnefanten Monastery and the Entre Deux complex. The present building in 1995, designed by Italian architect Aldo Rossi , realized in the district Ceramique on the right bank of the Meuse.

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