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Russian Federation
Kemerovo Oblast
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By Air

Kemerovo International Airport (IATA: KEJ, ICAO: UNEE). is one of 2 major airports in Kemerovo Oblast area Kemerovskaya oblast, Russia, Southwestern Siberia located 10 km southeast of Kemerovo.It is a civilian airfield serving medium-sized airliners but large enough to be used for military purposes.An older 2750 m runway is now a parallel taxiway.

By Train

Direct trains arrive from Moscow (55 hours), train no. 29, firmenniy train Kuzbass.Tashtagol (16 hours), train no. 680/679.Novosibirsk (5 hours), train no. 853/854.

By Bus

a system of bus passenger urban transport in the city of Kemerovo.The fare on the buses of the city of Kemerovo (July 25, 2011) - 9 rubles.Price does not depend on the length of the route.The fare for the United Transport Map - 8.5 rubles.Fare Card for schoolchildren - 4.5 rubles. Price commuter flight varies in the range from 9 rubles to 38 rubles.

Key places to visit
Kemerovo Church, Kemerovo Regional Museum of fine arts, Kemerovo Puppet Theater, Museum Red Hill, Kemerovo State University


Places to Visit

Kemerovo Church

the current parish Catholic Church Roman Catholic Church in the city of Kemerovo.Inside the church, besides the temple of, posted Sunday school and living quarters of priests.Address - Street.Chernyakhovskogo on 2B, abbot of. Anthony Branagan.Administratively belongs to the Diocese of the Transfiguration with its center in Novosibirsk.The monks of the Order of Redemptorists arrived in Kemerovo in 1996.Because of the lack of church Catholics gathered at this time on holidays in small groups in homes and buildings. December 22, 1996 after a long break in Kemerovo was served first Mass in a rented room House of Culture.After a long process of allocating land for the construction and approval of documents in 2006 construction began on the Kemerovo Catholic church.September 27 2009 built the church was solemnly consecrated in the name of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Bishop Joseph Werth.Nuncio of the Holy See Antonio Mennini, Kemerovo conveyed greetings on behalf of the community Pope Benedict XVI.

Kemerovo Regional Museum of fine arts

is one of the largest artistic centres of Siberia and Kuzbass and is having unique works of art collection of painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative-applied arts.Today there are more than 4.6 thousand units of a storage.Easel painting includes collections country's art of the first half of the 20th century reflecting "stages of the large way": pre-revolutionary art (later peredvizhnichestvo, Union of the Rusian Artists) art of 20-30-s (Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia, Community of Moscow Artists, Community of Easel Artists, "Krug"), art of 40-50-s (socialist realism); works by Moscow and St. Petersburg artists are submitted.

Kemerovo Puppet Theater

one of the oldest theater companies Kuzbass.Arkady Gaidar was created February 8, 1942, during World War II at the Novosibirsk Theatre " Red Torch "temporarily transferred to the city Stalinsk (now Novokuznetsk).In September 1953 the theater appeared first own building on the street.Kirov city of Novokuznetsk.In 1961, the bulk of the troupe moved to the city of Kemerovo and settled on the current address.In addition to the repertoire of children's theater productions staged for adults.Over the years, were born on its stage performances of "The Hermit and the Rose","Hail Lebedinets","The Divine Comedy."The true merits have been evaluated many artists of the theater.Title of Honored Artist of Russia were awarded to actors Robert Mishchenko, Nokhrin, A. Baranowska, T. Shishkin, Y. Mishchenko and J. Zveryansky former director of the theater are honorary titles of Honored Worker of Culture of Russia. More than 300 performances delivered in the theater for 68 years of its existence.They were seen not only kuzbassovtsy.Successfully's tour in many cities in Russia and abroad.Do not forget to Kemerovo puppeteers and their countrymen: often travel with a tour of the area. Actors with puppets permanent guests in boarding schools and orphanages.

Museum Red Hill

The museum-preserve 'Krasnaya Gorka" was created on the industrial site of the former Kemerovo Coal Mines in the attempt to preserve unique mining heritage pieces, being the integral part of the landscape and town-planning complex which took shape in the first third of the twentieth century. The industrial development of Kuzbass was fostered by His Imperial Majesty's Cabinet, Kuznetsk Coal Mines - JSC (Kopikuz) and Autonomous Industrial Colony "Kuzbas" (international industrial enterprise).Their influence in many ways determined the diversity of the local heritage: industrial, architectural and household.The centrepiece of the complex is located on the bank of the River Tom. It includes: the Gorelaya (Burnt) mountain - the place where coal was found in Kuzbass in 1721; the remnants of one of the mines; a stone quay; the support pillars for the aerial tramway that carried coal across the river; the main office building of the mine; a residence of the general manager; a mining settlement with a school and a public steam bath.The town-planning outline and the landscape of the industrial area remained intact, and the museum pieces are in their natural surroundings.The long-term outlook for the museum will involve creating more objects open for general public, such as creating the Coal Museum of Kuzbass and ultimately converting the former mining area into a tourist attraction.

Kemerovo State University

The status of the university received in 1974, the for training qualified personnel for the Kemerovo region on the basis of the Kemerovo Pedagogical Institute.September 19, 1949 based on the pedagogical school in Kemerovo Teachers Institute is open to the offices of the Russian language and literature, physics and mathematics.Set for each of the offices was originally on the 100.During 4 years of existence, day department has issued more than 500 teachers of 5-7 classes. More than 100 teachers had prepared the correspondence department. 20 graduates received their diplomas from the institute honors.Today, Kemerovo State University - one of the largest classical university in Siberia.The University has five branches in the Kemerovo region, 12 faculties, 70 departments. Enrollment of more than 22 thousand students in full-time, evening, correspondence and distance learning.

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