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Kayin State
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By Air

Kayin State is served by Hpapun airport and Hpa-An airport.

By road

It can be reached in 8 hours drive from Yangon. In the north a road leads to Thandaung from Toungoo in Bago Division. Mawchi-Mawchi road passes through the Kayin State. In the south, the Yangon-Mottama Road branches out to Pha-an via Thaton and Myaing Galay. There is another road from Mawlamyine to Pha-an. Kayin State still has no rail service but it is well provided with natural waterways. The Thanlyin river is one of the major transport routes. River boats from Mawlamyine can sail upstream to Shwegun in the north of Pha-An, the capital. Along the Ataran river boats are able to connect Kya-In-Seik-Gyi with Mawlamyine. Visitors to Pha-An normally arrive by road from Thaton on Yangon - Mawlamyine highway. Some tourists come by boat from Mawlamyine.

Key places to visit
Mt Zwegabin, Kawgun Cave, Saddar Cave, Water lake monastery


Places to Visit


Mt Zwegabin

One of the main tourist attraction place only eleven kilometers south of Hpa-an is Mt Zwegabin, which is both a scared and tall mountain. At 722 m high it affords panoramic vies of the surrounding countryside from the summit. To get to the mountain, take a pick up in the direction of Thamanya and get off at the Zwebin jection. It's 15 minute walk from the junction through a village to the base of the mountain on the west side past thousands of identical Myanmar Buddha statues lined up in row after row. The path up isn't exactly picturesque it's nothing more than hundreds and hundreds of concrete steps, but once up the top, the two hour effort is rewarded. If you arrive before noon at the small Myanmar monastery at the top you can take advantage of a complimentary lunch (rice), orange and tea) and the 11 am monkey feeding different primates, different menus. It's possible to overnight here, which means you can also appreciate the fantastic Myanmar sunsets. The descent down the east side of the mountain takes around 45 minutes, and from the bottom it's another 3 km to the main road from where you can catch a pick up back to town. Hiring you won transport someone to drop you off on one side and pick you up one other, make everything run smoother

Kawgun Cave:

Kawgun cave is located near Kawgun village, which is two miles distance from Hpa An township. It is a natural lime stone cave and measures 200 fts height and 300 fts length. The rock surface is profusely decorated with different kinds of clay Buddha images and votive tablets. It is a rare cave in the lower Myanmar. According to the style of the Buddha images it can be datable to 15th century A.D. Hanthawaddy period.

Saddar Cave

Sadder Cave is 10 or 15 minutes journey through the cave to the other side, which exit into a lake and paddy field view. Thousands of miniature clay inside saddar cave.

Water lake monastery

Cross along footbridge to get to this Myanmar monastery, built in the middle of an artificial lake, from where there are good views of the surrounding countryside, obscured only by the birds and butterflies fluttering nearby.

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