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By Air

Kaposvar about five kilometers from the center of the Kapos Ujlaki airport, which is a short concrete (620M) and a little bit longer (1200m) is grass runway, which is now mainly used for sporting purposes.

By Train

Kaposvar the capital city of Budapest and Pecs Dombovar-rail line, then the Dombovar Dombovar-Gyekenyes-rail line can be achieved.The two cities are direct Intercity service also runs (Somogy IC).Nagykanizsa Somogy IC also represents the rail link.Dombovar frequent train service from here to get to seal.The Lake of the Kaposvar-Siofok-rail line and the railway line, Kaposvar-Fonyod can be reached.Kaposvar the 1800s, trains were launched at the end of six directions, but the Kaposvar-Mortar-line and on -line Szigetvar Kaposvar- 1970s, at the end of the termination has remained in the four directions.

By Bus

Kaposvar transport of the Kaposvar Public Transport Co.bus line 31 conducts a daily average of 49,000 people insured trip.Extend throughout the whole territory of the city bus lines, which are the main centers of the middle of downtown, near the railway station and long distance bus station opposite the local bus station and north of the city, a large housing estate near the barracks Furedi travel.The bus lines are reaching the end of most of the flights back to the starting point to start.The current public transport network running 175 km in length, not counting the overlap of the urban network is 70 km long line, this is a total of 240 bus stop.

By Road

Kaposvar from Budapest on the road in two directions can be achieved, the M7 can then Balatonszemes altogether the 67 highway and the M6 penalty box and then Dunafoldvartol the 61 highway.The surrounding cities (Pecs, Nagykanizsa, Old Hill, Szigetvar) and the Balaton line direct highway link to the county seat (61, 66, 67-way).Kaposvar on highway 61 north to avoid so the city from the 610 highway to be achieved.It is planned that the connecting Szeged Szombathely M9 motorway will also be affected by the city.Kaposvar the Somogy villages, Transdanubian county seats and the capital of the Kapos Volan bus services are flying into.

Key places to visit
Csiky Gergely Theatre, Rippl-Ronai Museum, Benedictine Abbey of St. James, Dorothy's House, University of Kaposvar


Places to Visit

Csiky Gergely Theatre

The Csiky Gergely Theatre is a theatre in Kaposvar, Hungary.Opening in 1911, the theatre became a major cultural center in Somogy County, with its company achieving their greatest successes between 1970-1985.Designed by the well-known Ede Magyar and Jozsef Stahl and named after 19th century dramatist Gregor Csiky, the theatre was opened in 1911 in the former Buza square of Kaposvar as the city's first theatre.With its unique semi-cylindrical sides and distinct roofing it is regarded as an outstanding architecturalachievement of its time.It was originally planned with a capacity of 1400, but with modifications, this number shrank to 860.Despite this the theatre is one of the major such institutions in the country.

Rippl-Ronai Museum

Rippl-Ronai Museum Somogy county one of the major museums.Kaposvar Main Street.10th located.The Somogy County Archaeological and Historical Society in 1877 was founded.Archaeological and historical material collected of which Gonczi Francis (lived 1861-1948) formed association of museum material in 1909.Ethnographic material, the material is too fine material also increased - here was the 1355 piece Rippl-Ronai estate which includes 976 paintings also included.Material of the association in 1936 was declared as public collections of Count Istvan Szechenyi Museum.Director of the institution until 1948, Francis was Gonczi.

Benedictine Abbey of St. James

is a protected monument, which is the ruins of a former monastery consists of Gyor genus.In a monastery in 1432 was written, a copy of a diploma that remained in 1061 was founded.The founding charter that Geur (Gyor), son of Athan (Otto) Somogy Bailiff in 1061 a Benedictine monastery founded on Mount St. James.There was already a church, which this time was already in ruins.This place was built the new church, whose dedication in 1067 was Solomon King and Prince Geza, participated.The monastery, Romanian style.The future redevelopment of Gothic elements added.The ruins now Arpad Eat Municipal Cultural Centre being managed.The area is 2001 's historic settlement since Kaposvar emlekhelyeul serve.Currently not only as a museum cultural center but also acts as theater evenings, exhibitions, creative camps are held here.

Dorothy's House

The Dorothy House Kaposvar found.Once the Esterhazy family, the estate was the center of Somogy.The name of Michael the Brave Csokonai Dorothy that is the queens of the carnival's victory was a result vigeposza which acts to put here.The house of the 18th century was built in Baroque style in the Esterhazy family who managed Somogy hence their estates.he only single-storey building at that time was a very simple facade architecture.The 19th century and rebuilt during the fixture is a floor.Present form in the 20th century after restorations won.The house has a long military tisztilakkent functioned well but today it operates a hotel named Csokonairol.

University of Kaposvar

The University of Kaposvar Pannon Agricultural University Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Michael the Brave Csokonai Teachers College and Forage Production Research Institute was formed by merging the 2000th on January 1.2004 was established in the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Arts so the number rose to four arms.The University of Kaposvar Council in 2005.January 1, created by the Health Science Center which operates as part of self-management units within the 2006.From 1 January of the institution became an integral part of the Equestrian Academy and the Wildlife Management Branch Tajkozpont the Kiskunfelegyhaza Red deer breeding Based Company with which the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry has been returned to the University of Kaposvar.

Right Time to Visit

November - February
April - June