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Jeju Do
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By Air

Gunsan Airport (IATA: KUV, ICAO: RKJK) of the Republic of Korea, Jeollabuk-do Gunsan okseomyeone airport is U.S. Army Air Force Base as part of civil aviation giyong site operates the airport is a flight and other aviation device two Jeju International Airport to and from the route being operated once each day.Nation of regional airports and airports in passenger growth is the best.

By Bus

Transportation by bus to the city and the pole Wanju samryeeup, bongdongeup, yongjinmyeon to literacy grilled side and Gimje geumgumyeon and is connected to one hundred.Jeonju, a city which had been pushing light rail project in 2007 on and was discontinued.

By Train

gunsanyeok and imsilyeok commuter train between the runs four times a day, but in January 2008 in the Janghang and former gunsanseon commuter rail station as part of the connection was interrupted.

By Road

National Highway No.1, No.17, No.26, 27 line to the city passed and dongsandong in Jeonju IC or Wanju close to in seojeonju IC in Honam Expressway, the Wanju yongjinmyeon the finish IC and skills to the skills IC, Iksan, Pohang Highway, the gold medal in Winter dongjeonju IC and IC in mind in the matter Wanju Suncheon finish highway could enter.

Key places to visit
Jeonju International Film Festival, Jeonju Sori Festival, Pungnammun, Jeonju Hanok Village, Jeondong catholic church, Jogyeongdan


Places to Visit

Jeonju International Film Festival

has been held annually since 2000 in Jeonju, South Korea, focusing on digital, independent and art films.Each year the Jeonju International Film Festival commissions three filmmakers to produce digital short films to be shown at the festival.Each filmmaker gets 50,000,000KRW to make their film.

Jeonju Sori Festival

is a South Korea's traditional musicians Classical and based world music in one place enjoying the World Music Festival and advocating and 2001, starting Jeollabuk Jeonju every year is held. Jeonju Sori Festival is organized by the Organizing Committee.


308 States Submarine Treasure of the Republic of Korea.The pole symbolizes pungnammun jeonjubu the original south gate of the castle gate 4, the consideration gongyangwang doeeotdaga founded the Joseon Yeongjo is lost when the gatehouse to the maintenance of the south gate pungnammun, Pasadena preamble was changed to the door.This is the birthplace of the pole in the sense of the Joseon Dynasty Lee pungpae is used as acronyms respectively.

Jeonju Hanok Village

gyeonggijeon walking past two lengths is as Taejo Taejo of Shandong and pungnamdong around with a downtown of 650 yeochae Hanok, which make up the communities that this is where is the Jeonju Hanok Village. In Sake Museum of Jeonju in Korea produced to meet the traditionalism and whether pole with traditional mulberry In the process of creating a support can be seen. In addition to its traditional cultural center, Hanok Living Experience, craft exhibition, traditional mechanisms Council, the Oriental Cultural Center there are cultural space jeontongchatjipdeung.

Jeondong catholic church

located in the Catholic Church in the Cathedral is Currently Jeonju interest in the established church the oldest cathedral, first built in Hunan whole Romanesque buildings is 1937 in the 1957 to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Jeonju's Cathedral was due to the architectural beauty of the film's shoot or wedding venue there are often engineered.Of the parish patron saint is St. Francis Xavier's.The original cathedral in electric seat pungnammun Korea out of the church's first martyr who yunjichung his oejonghyeong including gwonsangyeon and yuhanggeom etc.


the Jeonju third attempt States Submarine Monument.Approximately 1km from entering deokjin geonjisan located on gwangmu three years (1899) established in May of rain Jeonju Lee built an altar to the tomb of founder jeonghago queries for was called.Stage by using the rectangular perimeter of the stacked stone creates a stage piled wall around the north, south, east and west doors to Westbound in the south of a straight line of the statement and the statement is a monument to 20m away.The width of a marble monument is 180cm, width 30cm, height is 202cm.To appeal to the front of the King Gojong 'queries for as "Carved.7.2m one side of the square bigak 3 bits are paljakjibung.

Right Time to Visit

December - March