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Russian Federation
Udmurt Republic
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By Air

Flights arrive in Izhevsk from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg.The flight from Moscow takes about 2 hours.

By Train

Trains run to Izhevsk from Moscow (daily, 18 hours), Saint Petersburg (31 hours), Yekaterinburg (11 hours), Kazan (6 hours) and Perm (10 hours).It is also possible to arrive in Udmurtia via the Trans-Siberian Railway and take a regional train or bus from the main stop at Glazov.

By Bus

In the city there are 11 tram, 9 and 38 trolley bus routes.The major carriers are MUP "Izhgorelektrotrans" (trams and trolley buses) and JSC "Izhevsk industrial association of passenger vehicles" (IPOPAT).There are also several private companies engaged in transportation by buses and taxis.More than 30 suburban garden-suburban bus routes opened every year in spring and summer sezon.V 2010-2011.First the bus and then in trams and buses was introduced to pay by card transport with the possibility of replenishing the kiosks Qiwi.

Key places to visit
St. Michael's Cathedral, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Izhevsk zoo, National Library of the Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk Reservoir


Places to Visit

St. Michael's Cathedral

one of the cathedral church of Izhevsk and Udmurtia Eparchy, in honor of the Archangel Michael.The height of the cathedral 67 meters.The modern building of the cathedral completed in 2007 (formerly destroyed in 1937 ).Abbot - the ruling (Diocesan) Bishop of the Diocese of Izhevsk.The temple stands on the site had existed since 1765 the plant cemetery, where the Trinity Chapel, attributed to the first temple of Izhevsk prophet Elijah.In 1784 the chapel was rebuilt in the temple - in honor of the Holy Trinity, the church was destroyed by fire in 1810.February 11, 2000 adopted a joint resolution of the Presidium of the Council of State and Government of the Udmurt Republic Udmurt Republic, marked the beginning of reconstruction of the St. Michael's Cathedral. In May 2004, the laying of the foundation of the future cathedral consecrated cross.May 16 2007 , in solemn assembly Easter , Izhevsk and Udmurtia, Metropolitan Nikolai (Shkrumko) consecrated the lower church in honor of Faith, Hope and Charity and their mother Sophia.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The temple was built in 1823 on the model of St. Andrew's Cathedral in Kronstadt (author of the project - the famous architect Andreian Zakharov ).Originally planned as the central church of the Izhevsk factory.In 1930 the church was ransacked and closed and later worked as a cinema in it "Colossus." In 1990, with the active participation of Bishop Palladius returned to believers.Rector - Izhevsk and Udmurtia Metropolitan Nikolai (Shkrumko), Deputy Abbot - Archimandrite Juvenal (Rozhin).A fire in 1810 destroyed much of the city and the chief at that time the church - the Church of Elijah the Prophet, the question of building a new church.The next year the plant architect SE Dudin, completed a project of monumental cathedral with three thrones and three steeples, but the project was rejected due to excessive pomp and expensive.Instead, the rejected draft Petersburg authorities encouraged to take as a model project of St. Andrew's Cathedral in Kronstadt .Dudin corrected drawings, based on local conditions, for example, replaced the granite at the factory castings, as well as some simplified architectural forms.

Izhevsk zoo

The concept was developed by the Government of the Republic on the basis of the international organization's requirements and recommendations of Zoo-known specialist in Europe, Bohumil Krall.According to the project Zoo Udmurtia is a complex multi-functional facility with 4 major functions: environmental management, conservation and breeding of wild animals, especially rare and endangered species, research and educational activities the study of animal life, development of methods for the animals, education and public education of different ages; area families for the masses.Following the development of construction documents the construction of the zoo, the big role that played its first director - Sergey G. Belyakov.The territory on which the Zoological Park of Udmurtia this park is named after Kirov, picturesquely situated on the banks of Izhevsk pond in the center of the city on a hill. It was a favorite place of many generations izhevchan. But over time the park was abandoned and did not meet the needs of residents as a socio-cultural infrastructure of the city and country.For all ages, it was necessary to place the cognitive family holiday in the city.The initiative to create Izhevsk Zoo belongs to the President of SD Alexander Alexandrovich Volkov.

National Library of the Udmurt Republic

is intimately connected with the history of the country as a whole, the republic and of our city. By the beginning of the XX century. Izhevsk factory settlement of number of residents exceeded the Vyatka - center of the province: the number of people it reached 42 thousand people. Nevertheless, cultural and educational spheres of Izhevsk were underdeveloped. Two county libraries - Sermon and Zarechnaya - opened only at the end of the XIX century.In January 1918 the executive committee of Izhevsk City Council for public education came with a proposal to organize the city's central library to serve the population of Izhevsk. February 24, 1918, was elected a library board, which is entrusted the work of organizing the library. Chairman of the Board and the library became the first head of MF Shitov. The original core of the library book funds were the largest libraries in Izhevsk: Libraries and reading rooms for the workers and artisans and staledelatelnogo Izhevsk factories, township - Sermon and Zarechnoj, Library Officers Meeting.

Izhevsk Reservoir

is an artificial body of water, or reservoir, created in 1760 at the bidding of Peter Ivanovich Shuvalov for the needs of an iron works in Izhevsk, Russia. It is placed at the confluence of the Izh River and its tributary, the Yagul.The reservoir was filled with water necessary for the factory's operation by June 1763. The dam was reconstructed by Alexander Deryabin in the early 19th century and underwent further modernization in 1984.The lake covers some 24 sq km and has an average depth of 350 cm. A number of industrial enterprises skirt the reservoir, and its embankment is the most important esplanade in the capital of Udmurtia.

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January - May
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