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Country: Japan
State: Miyaga-ken
City: Iwaki
Type of Location: Multiple
About Location


Places to Visit
How to Reach


Fukushima Airport in Sukagawa is the nearest airport.

By train

Iwaki is on the JR Joban Line from Tokyo, between Mito and Sendai.

By road

Iwaki is at the junction of the Joban and Ban'etsu Expressways. Highway buses travel to Sendai and Tokyo for around ¥3000-4000.

Key places to visit
Shiramizu Amidado, Aquamarine Fukushima, Misaki Park, Iwaki City Coal and Fossil Museum, Shioyazaki Lighthouse


Places to Visit

Shiramizu Amidado

Shiramizu Amidado is the oldest building in existence in the Iwaki region and was Designated a national treasure in 1952. It was built on the orders of Tokuhime the widow of Norimichi I‚aki,a feudal lord of the lwaki area in 1160 at the end of the Heian Period. Surrounding.the temple is a beautiful Japanese garden where visitors can relar‚and enjoy the peaceful temple grounds.

Aquamarine Fukushima

This aquarium focuses on the ocean off the coast of Fukushima,specifically the meeting of the warm Black Current from the south and the cold Kurile Current from the north. 0ther highlights include the touching poolCa walk through glass tunnel as well as tropical botanical gardens and marine mammals.

Misaki Park

Located on the easten side of Onahama Bay lies a headland that rises 46m above sea level and is home to Misaki Park. The parks main features are the Shiomidai Lookout and the Marine Tower, which features an observation deck approximately 60m high providing a bird's-eye view of the surrounding coastline.

Iwaki City Coal and Fossil Museum

This museum provides a comprehensive overlook at the history and development of the Joban coalmine. Displays include a replica of the living conditions of the miners as well many interesting fossils found from within the city. One of the featured displays is a dinosaur fossil known as the Futaba Suzuki Ryu, a kind of plesiosaurus, which was discovered in the Futaba strata group, a layer that formed in the seashore 80 million years ago. This fossil was named after the strata group and the discoverer.

Shioyazaki Lighthouse

The Shioyazaki Lighthouse,a famous symbol of Iwaki City, stands tall on a cliff top overlooking the Pacific Ocean.The beacon stands 80m above sea level and its beam reaches a distance of 40km out to sea. This lighthouse has guided ships to safety since 1890. In front of the lighthouse are two stones, one of which appears to be playing the same song over and over again. This stone is a memorial to the undisputed queen of Japanese pop Hibari Misora. The Shioyazaki Lighthouse was featured in one of her famous songs.

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