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By Air

The closest airport to the city 2007, commissioned in 30 km. away from the Hatay Airport is Here in Istanbul, Ankara and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Germany or to have time.In addition overseas and in Istanbul, Ankara, except for transportation to other cities about 150 km. from Adana Airport Sakirpasa kullanilabilinmektedir.which is very busy in the past Iskenderun Airport now used.This land Mustafa Kemal University Campus is located in Iskenderun.

By Road

The main road connection to Iskenderun Mersin - Adana -Iskenderun TEM otoyoludur.Adana -Iskenderun- Hatay highway link from the state road.Toprakkale separated from the road Dortyol from Iskenderun reaches and from there through the Belen Gecidiyle Amik Plain is connected to.

By Train

City, Turkey in the most southern point of the railways.TCDD City 6 Region is located within.In addition TCDD Iskenderun Port Authority is effective in maritime transport.

By Bus

Urban transport buses are provided.Buses to almost any area of the city, towns and villages can be reached on.

Key places to visit
Bagras Castle, Nur Mountains, 5 July Festival, Iskenderun July 5 Stadium, Iskenderun Observers


Places to Visit

Bagras Castle

The castle was built in antiquity and much restored since, a watchtower on the mountain road, 27 km from Iskenderun on the road to Antakya.The castle properly known as Gastun (or Gaston, Guascon, Gastim) provided a base for a force to cover the Syrian Gates the passes between Iskenderun and Antioch.It was built in two levels around a knoll, the fortification resembling Armenian work and with water supplied by aqueducts.It was built about 1153 by the Knights Templar and held by them or by the Principality of Antioch until it was forced to capitulate to Saladin on 26 August 1189.It was retaken in 1191 by the Armenians (under Leo II) and their possession of it became a major point of contention between them and the Antiochenes and Templars.

Nur Mountains

the Taurus Mountains in the south part of the system that make up the mountains.Extending from north to south Asi River's Mediterranean flows into the delta Samandag ends.Opposite the point where the Syrian border has Keldag flashy.A large part of mountain Hatay is in the Amik Plain separates the Mediterranean Sea.The highest point of mountain Hatay's Hassa district dummy Tepesidir (Bozdag).At this point 2262 m in height.

5 July Festival

Each year the liberation of enemy occupation and Iskenderun and Hatay to the Turkish troops out of Iskenderun and Iskenderun with the entrance of the City of celebrations organized by the Festival Committee a set of events.

Iskenderun July 5 Stadium

July 5 Stadium in Iskenderun, Iskenderun Iron Celikspor and New Iskenderunspor hosted by the city's soccer stadium.The name the date of the liberation of the city on 5 July was.Also on April 23, May 19, August 30 and October 29 on a portion of the ceremonies performed in this stadta.In addition this stadta digital score table, electronic ticketing system and the transition lightning rod available.Off grandstand and bleachers called the old sections and displacement of the supporters of the team allocated to the castle behind koltukludur section.There are also disabled tribune.Lighting system 2008 was completely renovated at the end of.Hatay 's largest stadium.In addition, construction of sports complex around the stadium continues.Today July 5 Stadium UEFA in order to achieve the standards are being restored.

Iskenderun Observers

Iskenderun Observers within a 32 km, while the surrounding villages and towns become a center of commerce is the focus of tourism in the summer months.Hot summer days which is an indispensable part of the Municipal People's Beach to the vicinity of the scouts and the admiration of those who collect the interest.Municipal public beach which is the resting place of Daily benefit our people for free.Within the boundaries of our town, including two swimming pools, two with 5 units Apart Hotel offers bed and breakfast services.Yoremize 16 cabins for those we serve daily, 6 showers, 6 WC There are free beach facilities.

Right Time to Visit

December - April