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Korea, South (General)
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By plane

Incheon International Airport, South Korea's main gateway, is on Yeongjong Island. The AREX train connects the airport to Gyeyang (20 min, $ 2.50), where you can transfer to the Incheon subway line. Alternatively, the limousine bus line (50 min, $ 10) is always available to go to many places in Incheon, or you can take a taxi (25 min, $ 50) to get into the city.  

By boat

To get into Incheon, Incheon Port International Ferry Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 (Yeonan Budu) are always available, especially for Chineses. Through the two terminals, a large number of people can visit Incheon from several cities in China, such as Weihai, Dandong, Qingdao and Tianjin.

Key places to visit
Incheon Islands, Chinatown, Wolmido, Songdo International City


Places to Visit

Incheon Islands

      There are several islands accessible by ferries. Most islands provide comfortable environment with fresh air and various cuisines that allow visitors to stay away from city life for a while. Also, islands have great hiking roads and beaches. Here are several islands people can easily visit: Daecheongdo, Yeonpyeongdo, Ganghwado, Yeongjongdo, Muuido, and Deokjeokdo.


     This is the only official Chinatown in South Korea. Chinatown is full of chinese restaurants and souvenir shops. Of course, many chinese people reside there, so chinese schools are there too. The area is located at the end of Metropolitan Line 1 that directly connects Incheon with Seoul. The main entrance to Chinatown is in front of the Incheon station. Especially, there are so many tourists during the weekend, so visitors should avoid staying in the place over the weekend if they do not want to confront any crowdedness.


   It was a major harbor in Incheon until Yeonan Budu appeared. However, visitors can still do many things in Wolmido. There is a small park, surrounded by a nature walk road. There are also many seafood restaurants and cafes with a great ocean view. What is more, a small harbor that can bring visitors to several islands is still operatng.

Liberty Park is located next to Chinatown. For most Incheon citizens, the park is well known for General MacArthur's statue and the memorial of the Centennial Anniversary of U.S. and South Korea relation.

Songdo International City
     It is a multi-billion dollar planned city where Korea's tallest building, the North Asia Trade Tower, is located. In addtion, the world's tallest twin tower buildings, 151 Incheon Tower, are in the early stage of construction. As part of the Free Economic Zone, Songdo represents the bright future of Incheon.

Right Time to Visit

June - August


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