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By Air

The nearest airport is Torp , near Sandefjord. Otherwise go for Gardermoen, Oslo.

By Sea

The busiest crossing of the Oslofjord runs east to Moss every half hour. 30 minutes, NOK 28.

By Train

Even though the Vestfold Line does not pass through the Horten city proper, Skoppum station is inside the Horten municipality, and buses into Horten are often available. Another option is to use the station at Holmestrand. Trains run about hourly, with more trains during the Monday-Friday morning and evening peak, and fewer on Saturdays and Sundays.

By Bus

Southbound local bus to Stavern passes through Tonsberg, Sandefjord and Larvik.

Key places to visit
Royal Norwegian Navy Museum, The Naval Base, Preus Fotomuseum, Horten Bilmuseum, Lake Borrevannet


Places to Visit

Royal Norwegian Navy Museum

The Royal Norwegian Navy Museum is a museum documenting the history of the Royal Norwegian Navy. It is located at the former main naval base of Karljohansvern in Horten. The museum was founded by C.F. Klinck on 24 August 1853. The museum is sometimes regarded as the world's first naval museum, as it was the first collection of naval memorabilia open to the public.The collection contains several decommissioned ships, much equipment used by the Norwegian, Allied and German navies and ship models, paintings and pictures. In the 1980s the Royal Norwegian Navy Library was transferred to the museum. The library's book collection started in 1805.

The Naval Base

Horten has a naval base named Karljohansvern. Activity there in the recent years have been decreasing and parts of the area have now been opened to the public, including some nice beaches. Both the museum of photography and the navy museum are located close to the naval base

Preus Fotomuseum

The Norwegian Museum of Photography, is a unique museum located in the same building as the naval museum.

Horten Bilmuseum

Horten Bilmuseum is the classic car museum, houses a variety of classic cars ranging from 1900 to the 1970s. One of Norway's largest model railways is also on display in the museum. It is open every day during summer, Sundays only from the middle of August to the middle of June.

Lake Borrevannet

Lake Borrevannet is home to a national bird sanctuary where 255 different bird species have been observed (2003 numbers). 110 species have been confirmed using the lake as their nesting place.

Right Time to Visit

April - August