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North Holland
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By train

Their two station :
Lift Station is the most important railway station in the West Frisian Horn . The station dates from 1883 and is situated on 20 May 1884 opened railway Zaandam - Hoorn. On 6 June 1885 the line was extended to Enkhuizen .
Horn Kersenboogerd station is a railway station in the district Kersenboogerd , east of Hoorn , located on the railway Hoorn - Enkhuizen .
The station was opened on 29 May 1983 and is an example of a suburban station . It was designed by J. Bucket Articon .

By bus

There are buses to various places provided by Connexxion and Arriva . Arriva operates only southwards, Amsterdam and Edam are the final destinations of the respective lines. Arriva will be replaced by December 11, 2011 Mobilis EBS . This concession will last until December 8, 2019. [3] The city lines to be driven by mid-2016 Connexxion. Horn himself since 1998 no longer powers on the city service, that power now lies with most regional lines (excl. to Edam / Amsterdam) in the province of North Holland.

Key places to visit
State Housing, The Chamber of the VOC in Horn, Main Tower, Waag, Bossuhuizen


Places to Visit

State Housing

The State Housing is a monumental building in the city of Hoorn , located at the intersection of five streets.It was built in 1613 and has a double gable . Adorn the arms on the facade of seven cities: Medemblik , Edam , Alkmaar , Hoorn, Enkhuizen , Monnickendam and Purmerend
Until 1796 it served as a hotel (lodging) for guests of the sessions of the Executive Committed Councils of the Northern Quarter and West Friesland . After that until 1977 it served as city hall .
Nowadays marriages solemnized and there are official receipts of the municipal place. The building is a chapel located, the Cecilia Chapel.
The building is registered in the national monument Register under number 22525.

The Chamber of the VOC in Horn

The VOC chamber in Hoorn, the Board of the United East India Company in Horn . The Board of Horn gave a general administrator of the board of the VOC, the Gentlemen XVII .At the founding of the VOC in 1602 counted the Horn Room 7 directors, the smallest number of all rooms. From 1696, the chivalry of the province of Holland the right to appoint a governor in the Horn of Enkhuizen chambers. Every three years was changed from room. The participants from Horn signed for 266,868 guilders in the share capital of the VOC. That was more than four percent of the total subscribed capital. Only from the lower chamber Rotterdam subscribed.

Main Tower

The Main Tower is one of the last defenses that are still in the Horn have been preserved. Nowadays there in the tower a grill bar and a restaurant.
The tower stands at the harbor of the city. It was built in 1532 and the Northern Company was established.
Beside the tower stands a statue of the ship boys of Bontekoe .
The tower is registered in the national monument Register under number 22411.


The Waag in Horn was in 1609 commissioned by Hendrick de Keyser built on the square, the Red Stone .
The building was the center of the cheese markets from the second half of the seventeenth century , when Horn was less important as a seaport, but as a trading just started playing a larger role, were held weekly. The lots sold cheese were weighed , but everyone was supervised other goods are weighed. In the heyday of the Hoorn cheese was here annually to 3 million kilograms of cheese traded, but the emergence of various cheese factories in the surrounding villages came in the course of the twentieth century ended the market.
There has been many years a grand café housed, where many old materials and tools are exhibited.


Bossuhuizen the three adjoining houses to Slapershaven in the West Frisian town of Hoorn .
The bricks of this 17th-century houses are like a comic strip : they tell of the Battle on the Zuiderzee the West Frisians in 1573 have made ​​against the Spanish fleet of Admiral Bossu . The West Frisians defeated this fleet with a fleet of small boats and agile Bossu took prisoner.

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