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North Holland
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By Train

Hoofddorp had between 3 August 1912 and 31 December 1935 a station on the railway lines Haarlemmermeer Aalsmeer - Haarlem and Hoofddorp - Leading Heerensingel . The old station building is still there, the Mayor Pabstlaan near the Hoofdvaart. There are apartments built.

By Cars

Hoofddorp is situated at the intersection of the Cross and the main road, two major roads in the Haarlemmermeerpolder. East and west of the Cross also called Hoofddorp N201 . Formerly ran the Cross - was a narrow two-lane highway - through the center of Hoofddorp, the N201 is now routed through the bypass 'Road to the north' north of Hoofddorp. East of Hoofddorp run the A4 and A5 , which also has a connection. Hoofddorp is west of the Three Merenweg ( N205 ). The Ring Hoofddorp is the Way to the North (N201) in the north, Goedhart Spoorlaan Avenue to the east, the New Bennebroekerweg in the south and the Three Merenweg (N205) in the west.

By Bus

The old bus station was located in Hoofddorp in the Market Square in the center of Hoofddorp. This was the hub for all public transport in Hoofddorp. By redesign of the downtown bus station is moved to the late 1980 and early 21st century Melis Spaansweg to the Mayor of Tribe Square, but it lost its importance because of the new bus station at the railway station to the east of Hoofddorp.

Key places to visit
Genie Dike Haarlemmermeer, Historical Museum of Haarlemmermeer, The Roman Catholic Church, Calatrava Bridges, The Eersteling, The theater Meerse


Places to Visit

Genie Dike Haarlemmermeer

The Genie Dike Haarlemmermeer is a genius dike , which was built between 1888 and 1903 and was part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam , which is about 15 to 20 km around the city. In 1963 , the military status of the defensive lifted. In 1996 the Defence Line of Amsterdam by UNESCO on the World Heritage located.The Genie Dike Haarlemmermeer is located in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer and was a main defense of the Defence Line of Amsterdam . The dike begins in the west at the Fort at Vijfhuizen to Cruquius Dijk and extends through Fort Hoofddorp to the Fort at Aalsmeer to Aalsmeerderdijk. According to the military command structure was the line in the industry Locks , stretching halfway group, and group box Vijfhuizen Schiphol , Hoofddorp boxes and Aalsmeer.

Historical Museum of Haarlemmermeer

At the Cross is the Historical Museum Haarlemmermeer found. The museum is everything about the history of Haarlemmermeer , holding, among other items related to the prohibition. The museum is housed in a portion of the old farm the Mentzhoeve. This farm from 1860 looks like a farm Limburg in the sense that all buildings built around a courtyard. The Mentzhoeve is the only farm of its kind in the Haarlemmermeer.

The Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church St. John the Baptist to find this church dates from 1860. The roof of the church is covered with the original tiles Oegstgeester. the original diamond-shaped skylights are still present. Behind the church is a sculpture designed, here are mainly religious images, 42 in total, of the artist Charles Gomes . The church belongs to the parish of John the Baptist, who also owns the Calvary parish house. This parish house was built in 1912 and was until 1985 as a monastery . Then there is the PKN -church (the Church Hoofdvaart) on the East Side Highway, the Market Square opposite the old church hall in the center and a small church on the Kruislaan, the Reformed church in the old neighborhood.

Calatrava Bridges

The Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava was in 1999 commissioned to design three bridges over the Hoofdvaart in the Dutch municipality of Haarlemmermeer . Calatrava has designed three striking white cable-stayed bridges , each with an inclined steel pylon that is both an aesthetic and constructive function-typical of the work of the Spaniard.The bridges were due to stay cables on strings like names harp , sitar and Lieut . For those names were chosen by the municipality after a written contest .

The Eersteling

The Eersteling is a round stone flour mill , located on the Westside Highway in Hoofddorp is.The mill, the type of land sailor is made entirely of stone and has a built in reed covered roof. The blades have a flight of 24.80 meters. The original was built in 1856 . The millwright at that time Mr. DD Dijk Piershil.The mill stood in the center of the then little Hoofddorp, that just one year or three existed.It was the first mill of the recently (1852) reclaimed Haarlemmermeer, hence the name. There were five mills followed, which currently do not exist any longer.

The theater Meerse

The theater is located at Meerse the Town Hall Square in the center of Hoofddorp.The theater has Meerse early 80s of the 20th century. The theater is a theater, the Architect Hall, with over 500 seats, a gallery and a theater cafe. There is a daily show in the Meerse, the offer is varied: drama, classical music, jazz, cabaret and dance. Maintained between September 2008 and late 2010's, the theater closed Meerse been associated with a renovation and expansion with a new hall. Performances were given at that time in The Meerse on Location 'the field' The Governor 'at Johan Enschede Lane 1 in Hoofddorp. In 2011, the Town Hall Square in Hoofddorp transformed into a cultural square, where the culture building for theater, music and exhibitions, a cinema, restaurants and cafes.

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