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By Air

Airports nearest to Holmestrand are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Rygge Airport (distanced approximately 30 km)
Torp Airport (distanced approximately 34 km)
Oslo/fornebu Airport (distanced approximately 47 km)
Skien Geiteryggen Airport (distanced approximately 54 km)
Notodden Airport (distanced approximately 62 km)

By Train

The railway line Vestfoldbanen runs through the centre of Holmestrand, and the city is served by the station Holmestrand Station.Holmestrand station just north of the city center was built in 1881 as a train station in the Vestfold line.

By Road

E 18, which is the main artery for traffic through Vestfold south of Oslo went past right through town.It was however placed in a tunnel outside the town in 1983.In 2001 the E18 was moved west in the municipality and the 1862 meter long tunnel Holmestrand became part of Highway 313 that runs along the fjord.

Key places to visit
Holmestrand Church, Botne Church, Hillestad Church, Olaf and Emma Duun house


Places to Visit

Holmestrand Church

is a Y-church from 1674 to Holmestrand municipality.The structure is of wood and has 300 seats.Access to the site is via Rv 315 and Rv 313.The church is at 2011 during the restoration, partly because of the discovery of large rot in the timber walls.

Botne Church

Botne church is a stone church from the 1200s located in Holmestrand in Vestfold.The church is dedicated to St.Nicholas.Botne church was expanded in 1865 and restored in 1947.The altarpiece of the church consists of four pictures from the Easter gospel.It's from 1664 and the style is Renaissance / Baroque.

Hillestad Church

Hillestad Church is a church from 1724 to Holmestrand municipality, Vestfold county.The building is empty and has 150 seats.Church burial sites registered by the DIS Norway.

Olaf and Emma Duun house

is a museum and a villa in Holmestrand.It is known as an artists homes, as the author Olav Duun (1876-1939) lived here in the years 1914-1939.Duun had moved to Holmestrand in 1908 when Duun was employed as a teacher at the school Ramberg.They lived various places in the early years, until they bought Fjellvang in 1914.Olav Duun lived in the house the rest of his life and the widow Emma Duun lived here until his death in 1970.The couple had a daughter, who was childless.The house was the death of Emma Duun transferred to Olaf and Emma Duun Foundation established in 1973 to preserve the house as a memorial of the author.The foundation's board includes representatives from the municipality, author association, Duun family and Duun-friend associations.The park was opened in 1976 to the author's 100th anniversary.The house museum is part of the unit is available to the public by appointment and on Sundays in June-August.

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August - December
March - May