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New Zealand
New Zealand (General)
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By Car

The cheapest way to get to Hokitika is with with fares starting at . Intercity Coachlines also travel there. Located approximately 2 hours drive from Fox Glacier.

Key places to visit
Wildfoods Festival, Glowworm, or glow worm, Carve some jade


Places to Visit

Wildfoods Festival,  Annual food festival displaying foods that range from the begnin, to the absolute wildest (paua titties (roe), bull, lamb and goat testicles) you could consider. Usually held in March.

Glowworm, or glow worm, is the common name for various different groups of insect larvae and adult larviform females that glow through bioluminescence. They may sometimes resemble worms, but all are insects

Carve some jade, There are two types of stone known as jade.  There is nephrite jade, which is the traditional stone used for a great variety of items, and there is jadeite.  Jadeite is a translucent stone that often takes on a glassy appearance.  It is mainly found in Burma.  Nephrite is a softer stone with a greasy luster.  Both types of jade come in a great variety of colors besides the standard green.  The color of jade can range from green, to red, to yellow, to white, to black, to lavender.  Jade is a fine-grained stone that can take on a lot of detail when carved.

Right Time to Visit

January - March
October - December