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Hodmezovasarhely Megyei Varos
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By train

Train the MAV No. 130 and the 135 number lines can be achieved. The two railway lines Hodmezovasarhely's Garden and the same tracks between Hodmezovasarhely track. The nearby railway stations , metro areas  Kutvolgy, Hodmezovasarhely's Garden , Hodmezovasarhely-Industrial facilities .

by bus

Bus can be reached from several directions, but the city's long-distance and express bus service more buszpalyaudvarara does not enter. The county seat, a typical school day starts around 100 buses, though most of them involving long-distance city, county, or within inter-city services. Special timetables and tariffs that runs every hour starting the express bus to Szeged, which is the bus station without passing through the station will start. On this flight, only air-conditioned low-floor buses can circulate.

Key places to visit
Synagogue Hodmezovasarhely, John Towers Museum, Hodmezovasarhely flood wall, Kossuth square City Hall


Places to Visit

Synagogue Hodmezovasarhely

Hodmezovasarhely Jewish hiteletrol data are from 1810. The first meeting house in 1833, construction began on the George Karolyi landlord donated property. The religious center is gradually enlarged, and in 1850 it became necessary for larger, the increased needs of the community meeting house architecture. The new synagogue, Nicholas Busch sanctioned builder plans of 1857 were carried out.
Meanwhile, the Jewish community increased tenfold, and by 1905, another expansion was necessary. The following year tender for Müller Maximilian gained, whose Art Nouveau buildings still dominate the southern Great Plains Art Nouveau terms. The conversion, which was completed in 1908, mainly affected by the main facade, while the rest of the synagogue, only slightly changed. The medieval cathedrals, Art Nouveau doorways of citations over the rose window in reception, which is surrounded by a Hebrew inscription in Hungarian means "I say to Orokkevalorol: castle and refuge, my God, in whom I trust.

John Towers Museum

Museum Towers John (John Towers Museum and Cultural Center).The 20th century, prominent artists worked at the beginning of Hodmezovasarhely, John Towers , Bela Endre , Gyula Rudnay . My art practice in the context of folk art collected by the local values ​​Gyula Kiss co-writer and folklore scholar. Museum urged the formation of Gyula Kiss. Luck also played their hands, the grain boom by developing agriculture in 1904 in industrial and agricultural exhibition. Guests sitting room equipment was commissioned by John Towers, folk art objects , held in the room. The industrial market has been solved, sorry for the rest rooms in eliminated Towers proposed for city leaders to seek out the fixtures of the present owners, if not, you will buy and establish a museum. Proposal adopted by the city council, and was founded 1904 - 1905 in the Hodmezovasarhely museum, which became a director Gyula Kiss.

Hodmezovasarhely flood wall

The 1876th year flood occurred at around the turn of the Hodmezovasarhely charge of building the idea, but the building only in 1879, after the great flood in Szeged begun. The city's northern and eastern border of 17.5 km of earth, the south and 3 km long brick gatfalat raised. The "Stonewall" length of 3006.2 m, the line of the former follows the shoreline of Beaver Lake, the scrag end of the street Bocskai. Construction of the 1879th June 4 began on architect firm of Samuel Klein and Alexander Smith Paul Sulyok mason contractors. The building was completed in 1981. The bricks of the Smith-brick factory has been manufactured. A total of four cars originally through a wall (Kaszap, School, now Szőnyi, Royal St., Szeged, Town Hall Street today), and nine-foot vaulted open ended. The oblique kocsilejarokat tamfallal trained and square columns at the top of a kerosene lamp was iron-framed glass case. The original vaulted pedestrian gates only the Stars, dry and Arpad streets remain. Rose, Joseph Imre, Hunyadi, the Flood, extension piece and the throne in 2011, widened streets kocsilejarokka. 2010th On July 1 the names lejarokat gate fitted. These are: Genersich gate, gate Heroes, Hunyadi gate Kaszap Peter's Gate, King's Gate, Crown Gate, gate, Imre Nagy, Rose Gate, Royal St. gate, gate of love, Toldi Miklós gate.

Kossuth square City Hall

Hodmezovasarhely  was place lived in in the prehistoric age already. In the city's border almost six thousand year diagnosis bands were revealed.
The village and his neighbourhood became depopulated totally quasi on the time of the Turkish foreign occupation, the slow one began after the Turkish's expulsion only relocating back. The city and his neighbourhood were the Karoly family's possessions in the 1700 years.
Hodmezovasarhe  a city with a rurban character, the settlement with a big border expanded it is surrounded by system of farms.

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