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Heroica Cordoba

Heroica Cordoba
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By air

Airports nearest to Cordoba are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

  Nogales Airport (distanced approximately 26 km)
  El Lencero Airport (distanced approximately 67 km)
  Tehuacan Airport (distanced approximately 68 km)
  Veracruz Airport (distanced approximately 84 km)
  Puebla Airport (distanced approximately 150 km)

By road

The city has the TAC (Cordoba Bus Station) is Located in the southern part of the city,this terminal offers multiple runs to destinations within the state and the country with flexible schedules because of the easy communication with the main roads.It is connected to multiple free roads and connects south to the port of Veracruz and north to the city of Orizaba,in addition to a large distributor road for easy communication of the city.

Key places to visit
Cathedral of Cordoba, Municipal Palace, Portal de Zevallos, Church of San Sebastian , Church of San Miguel Arcangel, San Jose Park


Places to Visit

Cathedral of Cordoba

The Cathedral of Cordoba is the main temple Catholic city of Veracruz.He was raised in the first half of the seventeenth century.It is also headquarters of the Diocese of Cordoba and is dedicated to the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception,the temple was also known as the Immaculate Conception,is located across from the Plaza de Armas in the heart of the city and its bells are made copper in iron were brought from Mexico City.Besides the cathedral is a fine example of historic architecture of the city,along with former Spanish casino,City Hall,the portals and Glory Zevallos and other churches as the convent of San Antonio and former convent Santa Rosa de Lima in addition to the churches of San Jose,San Sebastian and San Miguel Archangel.

Municipal Palace

Municipal Palace Bella neoclassical architecture building Tuscan Florentine style with French influences,is a building that dates back to the old Porfirian supplanting royal houses,has twenty-one arches that symbolize the heroic battle of May 21.Previously expressed zinc domes,but in its remodeling were removed and changed the target shot by a neoclassical central.Inside is the municipal archives is one of the best preserved of the country.

Portal de Zevallos (Old Palace of the Counts of Zeballos)

Its original owner was Captain Jose Manuel de Zevallos and retains a predominantly colonial style stone,archery and clay,is the most important building in the city because it has been the scene of historical events,the most important signing of the Treaty of Cordoba and is considered a national monument.It houses a beautiful mosaic in the phrase Agustín de Iturbide pronounced before the signing of the Treaties "ALLEGED GOOD FAITH AND HARMONY WITH THAT LEADS IN THIS BUSINESS,I BELIEVE THAT WILL BE VERY EASY THING THAT untie the knot Unbroken." Today it houses a popular restaurant where you can enjoy the view of the municipal palace and the park May 21 while enjoying traditional coffee Cordoba.

Church of San Sebastian  

French Influences and its dome is made of bronze,also inside the child is revered of luck.It was used as military barracks of the army of Francis I.Madero but returned years later to worship losing their altars.

Church of San Miguel Arcangel

The church has changed its structure along the city's history,style is Gothic and consists of two towers which in turn were the tallest towers in the city,being overcome later by the towers of the cathedral.

San Jose Park

A park where there are playgrounds,a skating rink,a small outdoor theater and a few monuments like the mothers and a bust of Venustiano Carranza as well as the church bearing the same name of the park.

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