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North Holland
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By road

Heerhugowaard is on the provincial road N241 , N242 , N507 and N508

By bus

Heerhugowaard also has good bus connections to nearby towns.
 Line 6 Heerhugowaard - Alkmaar - Bergen
 Alkmaar railway line 7 - Descend Heerhugowaard Heron
 Pants on line 161 Langedijk - Heerhugowaard - Ursem
 Line 130 Alkmaar - Heerhugowaard - Wieringerwerf
 line N60 Heerhugowaard - Alkmaar (Night bus)
 Line 350 Alkmaar - Heerhugowaard - Den Oever - Leeuwarden ( Qliner )
 Line 360 Heerhugowaard - NS Alkmaar - Alkmaar School

By train

Heerhugowaard station is located at the following railway lines:
 Den Helder - Amsterdam - Utrecht - Nijmegen
 Horn - Haarlem - The Hague .
 Schagen - Amsterdam - Maastricht / Heerlen (only during rush hours).
The railway Den Helder - Alkmaar was opened in 1865 and electrified in 1958. The railway Heerhugowaard - Horn was opened in 1898 and electrified in 1974.

Key places to visit
Waerdse Temple, Veenhuizer, City of the Sun, Town Hall, Luna Beach


Places to Visit

Waerdse Temple

The Temple is a great venue Waerdse and entertainment center in Heerhugowaard in North Holland . It was, after a development period of seven years, opened on 20 January 2006 with a concert of BZN . The first international TopAct Waerdse the Temple was able to book Jethro Tull.With a seating capacity of approximately 2500 visitors, the Waerdse Temple, after the Heineken Music Hall , the biggest night of the possibility province of North Holland . They aim at a broad programming, but by the presence of a small hall for 350 visitors visited small-scale performances.Waerdse the Temple is a multifunctional building with two rooms and a restaurant for 150 people situated between Alkmaar and Heerhugowaard a lake with an artificial beach. The building was designed by Schulze and Van Dijk .


The Veenhuizer is a windmill in Veenhuizen near Heerhugowaard . The mill stands on the border with Berkshire More was built around 1630 and bemaalde the polder Veenhuizen . Next to the mill is an electric pumping station in 1934. The Veenhuizer is equipped with a steel mortar, since 1989 both on wind and can be electrically powered. The pumping station next to the mill since this conversion is no longer in operation. The mill is now a house. The mill is no longer publicly viewed. The mill is just north of the Birch More Mill , on the other side of Birch Lake is.

City of the Sun

City of the Sun, "emission neutral largest residential area in Europe. Through solar panels, windmills and many modern sustainable technologies delivers more residential energy than it consumes itself. Around the neighborhood is a more landscaped with numerous recreational facilities and nature. The urban plan is KuiperCompagnons from Rotterdam, they are also the supervisor of architecture in the district.

Town Hall

A modern town hall cum library. The old part of Town Hall dates from 1982. The newest part and the library are designed by Hans van Heeswijk and were completed in 2007

Luna Beach

Luna Beach, an artificial beach where waterskiing can be (cableski)

Right Time to Visit

May - October


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