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By plane

Airport on the island of Karmoy. There are several options for flying there: SAS from Oslo (up to 7 daily departures), Stavanger and Bergen , Norwegian from Oslo . Low cost carrier Ryanair from London Stansted and Bremen .The airport is linked to the city by an airport bus. There is a special bus run by Kystbussen which ties in with Ryanair arrival and departure times.

By Boat

The catamaran service "Flaggruten" runs between Bergen and Stavanger twice daily, with a stop at Haugesund. Tickets tend to be pricier than the bus service "Kystbussen" , but the journey times tend to be slightly shorter.

By Bus

Nor-Way Bussekspress operate two express bus routes to Haugesund.
 Kystbussen runs between Bergen and Stavanger, and most buses go via Haugesund. The frequency varies between a bus every hour and a bus every two hours.
 Haukeliekspressen runs between Haugesund in the west and several cities in eastern Norway, including Oslo, Kongsberg, Notodden, Tonsberg, Sandefjord, Larvik, Porsgrunn and Skien. The buses run three times a day Sunday-Friday, and once on Saturdays.

Key places to visit
St. Olav's Church, Nordvegen History Centre, Haraldshaugen, The Bear Pit, The Viking farm at Avaldsnes


Places to Visit

St. Olav's Church

St. Olav's Church King Hakon Hakonsson erected the St. Olav’s Church around 1250 AD as part of the royal farm on Avaldsnes. Next to the church stands one of Norway’s tallest pillars, “Jomfru Marias synal” (Virgin Mary’s Sewing Needle). According to the legend when the pillar touches the church wall it means the end of the world. That is why the priests through the years have chipped off parts of the top. St. Olav’s Church is situated on Avaldsnes, approximately 10 minutes by car south of Haugesund.

Nordvegen History Centre

Nordvegen History Centre At Nordvegen History Centre king Harald Fairhair invites us in to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors. He is our guide through a 3500 year long history about Avaldsnes as a meeting spot between Norway and Europe, and as a national and, at times, international centre of power. The Viking king presents some of the kings who have controlled the Norwegian coast from Avaldsnes. Some of these kings are known through archaeological findings, and some through tales. The history centre is situated adjacent to St. Olav’s Church.


Haraldshaugen Just north of downtown Haugesund you will find Haraldshaugen, a testimony to the fact that although the city is young, the area has been known and used for thousands of years. Haraldshaugen consists of four important monuments in Norwegian history; the burial mound, the stone cross, the church site, and the National Monument (Haraldsstotta). The latter was unveiled in 1872 in commemoration of Harald Fairhair’s gathering of Norway into one kingdom. The legend goes that he was buried here.

The Bear Pit

The Bear Pit is Near to Karmoy, this is the ancient hole dating back to 972 in which irritating Swedes were thrown to be mauled by bears. The pracitce eventually deterred Swedes from passing through, although some credit this to the nearby 'Bird Cage'.

The Viking farm at Avaldsnes

The Viking farm at Avaldsnes The Viking farm at Bukkoy is a reconstructed farm at Avaldsnes. The museum provides knowledge about the lives of our ancestors. In the museum courtyard you will find a traditional longhouse as well as smaller dwellings, a Viking boat and plants and animals. During the summer people are dressed in Viking clothes as they display the Vikings’ way of life. You get here by walking from St. Olav’s Church, through the open beautiful landscape before getting to the tree-covered island.

Right Time to Visit

June - September