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Nearest airports to Hattem are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
 Deventer Teuge Airport (distanced approximately 24 km)
 Petersburg Fort Lee AAF Airport (distanced approximately 24 km)
 Lelystad Airport (distanced approximately 37 km)
 Hoogeveen Airport (distanced approximately 42 km)
 Deelen (Arnhem) Airport (distanced approximately 47 km)

Key places to visit
Anton Pieck Museum, Carter Museum Hattem, Dyke Gate, Large or Andrew's Church, The Fortunate, Watermill van Hattem


Places to Visit

Anton Pieck Museum

In 1984, in the Gelderland Hattem the Anton Pieck Museum was opened in honor of, born in 1895, Dutch painter and graphic artist Anton Pieck . The museum has dozens of original paintings, etchings, lithographs and screenprints. In the basement, the original to see where Pieck etching itself squeezed on his etchings.In one corner of the main hall is the work of Anton Pieck: his chair and the drawing which he drew for years, with all original attributes - after the death of Pieck on November 24, 1987 - have been donated to the museum.Not all the works of Pieck are simultaneously displayed, the works are sometimes changed.

Carter Museum Hattem

The Carter Museum Hattem is a museum in the Dutch town of Hattem .In 1949 in Hattem an ancient room set, which mainly focused on the history of Hattem and environment. Over the years changed the function of local history and also the focus was increasingly on artists who have lived and worked in Hattem. In 1971 the museum moved to the Achterstraat, where it is still located.The museum takes its name from the artists Jan. Carter Sr. and Carter Jr. in January . Other artists whose work in the museum's collection include others Jo Koster , Be Thoden van Velzen , Johannes Bosboom and Adrian Eversen .

Dyke Gate

The Dike Gate is a 14th-century gate in the Dutch town of Hattem .In 1908, the gate tower restored, the architect PJH Cuypers parapet, roof and corner turrets added. Example of this to other gates. These additions are identified by a different stone.Outside the gate stood formerly a youngster with two round gate towers. A compound wall is still standing. It contains cannon and haakbusschietgaten .

Large or Andrew's Church

The Great and Andreas Church is a church on the market in the town of Hattem in the Dutch province of Gelderland . It is used by the Reformed Church of Hattem for holding church services. Also, organ recitals and other musical events held in the building.The construction of the predecessor of the current building was about the year 1225 established. This was a Romanesque church , which at the present day only the tower is a visible form. Other traces are still present on the back, which is the east wall of the tower, are still the roofs of the Romanesque church roof visible. In addition, the font is an important piece of inventory from the first church that has been preserved.

The Fortunate

The windmill is The Fortune at the Molenbelt 7 in the Dutch town of Hattem . The mill was built in 1816 to replace an earlier mill of 1808 which was then blown down. In 1852, the mill had a stone foundation. The top half of this substructure is the octagonal brick pillars around.The Fortunate two couples millstones .

Watermill van Hattem

The mill-Molecaten van Hattem is a mill that uses water from local springs that provide water in the weir pond. The mill is located southwest of Hattem in the estate to home Molecaten . The mill still runs regularly but is water shortage.The initial year of the mill is not known, but it is one of the first paper mills in the Veluwe .Around 1800, a small paper mill added.In 1804 the mill was described as a large mill vierbaksmolen with 20 hammers and a small mill with six hammers. The mill drove the hammers on the rag chips with water to form a pulp.

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