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By Air

The closest airport is Harstad / Narvik Airport, Evenes, located on the mainland, 44 kms by road from the city center.

By Ferry

Every morning a northbound and a southbound Coastal Express ship stop in Harstad.High-speed craft regularly go between Harstad and Tromso, Finnsnes, Senja and other places.

Key places to visit
Trondenes Church, Harstad Church, Harstad Culture House, Trondarnes District Museum, Grottebadet


Places to Visit

Trondenes Church

is the northernmost Medieval stone church of Norway, situated in Harstad.Though frequently mentioned as a 13th century church, dating based on dendrochronology places its completion shortly after 1434.Compared to the other ten north Norwegian Medieval stone churches, Trondenes church is well preserved and the exterior is close to the original state.The nave is 22.6 meters long and the chancel is 13.5 meters, making it one of the largest medieval churches of rural Norway.In the late Medieval period, Trondenes served as the main church centre of Northern Norway.The church is probably the third church on the site, the first stave church was built in the 11th century, the second in the 12th.The second church was fortified with stone walls and ramparts, remnants of which can be seen around the church.

Harstad Church

Harstad Church is a church built in a rectangular form, from 1958 in Harstad municipality, Troms county.The church is located a few hundred meters west of the city center, close to Harstad Stadium.The church tower is a prominent bymerke.The building is concrete and has 500 seats.The church is one of the first working churches built in Norway, containing parish hall, kitchen and living Church.

Harstad Culture House

is a cultural center located on the harbor headland of Harstad city in the county of Troms.It is collocated with the Clarion Collection Hotel Arcticus, the Festival of North Norway, Troms Culture and the Military Band of Northern Norway.In addition, Harstad library in this building, with more than 60,000 books.Cultural Centre was built in 1992, as Northern Norway's largest cultural center.The building is 12,000 m2 and combination of new and old factory sites.Culture consists mainly of the Great Hall and Little Hall.The great hall is known as one of the best concert halls in Northern Europe.This has a total of 1,000 seats in the 620 in stalls and 380 in the gallery.

Trondarnes District Museum

is the regional museum of local Harstad, Bjarkoy, Kvaefjord and Skanland.It was established in 1989 and established, co-funded and built in 1997 Trondenes Historical Center.Trondarnes District Museum has eight employees and is led by Ole J. Furset.The museum has nearly 12,000 registered objects and 37 000 photographs.Well 19 000 of these have been digitized and are available.


Grottebadet is a water park (swimming) in Narvik in Troms.Hall is blasted into the mountain in Harstad, and among other things, 25 meter competition pool, playground and heated pool.Construction work started in 1999 and Grottebadet was opened in June 2003.When Grottebadet opened, was the old swimming pool in Kanebogen closed.The construction cost of Grottebadet was about 130 million.Grottebadet has worn since the beginning of economic disadvantage.The newspaper Harstad Tidende reported in both 2006 and 2007 on large operating loss for Grottebadet.After the opening of Lofast the number of visitors increased.In 2009, Grottebadet Northern Norway's second most visited adventure attraction just off the North Cape with 198,065 visitors.

Right Time to Visit

May - August