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Zimbabwe (General)
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By plane

Harare's airport is the major gateway for flights into the country. Air Zimbabwe also operates a small network of domestic flights. International flights are easily available, with Air Zimbabwe with flights direct to London and Johannesburg. Air Zimbabwe flights have over the years often had to be cancelled due to a lack of spare parts and fuel or the propensity of the President to commandeer a plane for his own trips.

By car

A good road from Johannesburg allows easy access. However, be careful of the sometimes frightening drops at the side of the roads, at the edge of the tarmac, particularly with oncoming trucks at night. In fact, night time driving is not advised

By bus

Buses from Johannesburg are easily available ranging from Greyhound (for R450 as of April 2010) to the local ones (for R250 as of April 2010). The bus takes between 16-24 hours. Delays at the border are very common and typically range from 3 to 8 hours, although they can be as much as 20 hours at Christmas time.

Key places to visit
Chapungu Sculpture Park, The National Gallery, Mukuvisi Woodlands, National Herbarium and Botanic Gardens


Places to Visit

Chapungu Sculpture Park

Chapungu Sculpture Park The vast number of rocks of black serpentine stone found around Zimbabwe, and noticeable even as you drive in from the airport, have encouraged the development of stone carvings by Zimbabwe's talented artists. This large area has exhibitions by numerous artists.

The National Gallery

The National Gallery houses not only a valuable and interesting national collection but also hosts travelling international exhibitions and has a permanent display of some outstanding Shona soft-stone carvings.

Mukuvisi Woodlands

The best section of Botanic Gardens is Mukuvisi Woodlands spreading over an area of 277 hectares. Remarkably preserved natural woodland can be seen here. The spectacular wild life here includes a wide variety of birds and wild animals like zebra, giraffe, impala, wildebeest, tsessche, bush buck, steenbuck, reed buck and eland.

National Herbarium and Botanic Gardens

The city has large open spaces such as the 68 hectare National Botanic Garden which is one of the biggest Harare Attractions. The Botanic Garden with over 900 species of wild indigenous trees and shrubs from all over the country is a treasure trove of the country's rich flora and fauna.

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