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By Air

Hamilton International Airport serves as both a domestic and international airport.There are direct flights to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and regular flights to other destinations throughout the North Island.The airport also served as a major base for now defunct low-cost airlines Freedom Air and Kiwi Air.As of 1 September 2009, Pacific Blue now offers three international flights a week to and from Brisbane Airport and Sydney Airport.

By Train

Hamilton is the railway junction of the East Coast Main Trunk line with the North Island Main Trunk line.Rail passengers are served by a large station located at Frankton Junction but rail passenger services are currently (2009) limited to The Overlander, a (mostly) daily service which operates between Auckland and Wellington and is aimed primarily at tourists.Hamilton also has an underground station in the central city located in a tunnel which runs from the Claudelands Rail Bridge through to Ward Park.The station is currently disused and is only accessible from the tunnel entrance.Up until the 1960s, the railway cut across Victoria Street, disrupting traffic and covering property with oily smoke and fumes.Hamilton's rail network serves as a major hub for the distribution of dairy products to the ports of Auckland and Tauranga.This hub is located at Crawford St.

By Cycling

Hamilton has extensive cycleways which link the city center with the outlying suburbs.These cycleways consist of a mixture of dedicated cycle lanes,which are 1 metre wide strips either coloured green or with a painted outine of a cycle and mixed use cycle/walk ways which are mainly located alongside the Waikato River.

By Road

An extensive bus network provides coverage of Hamilton City.Many routes extend radially from the central business district, while two ring routes encompass the central business district and the outer suburbs.New Zealand's main road artery State Highway 1 runs through several of Hamilton's suburbs and connects with State Highway 3 within the city boundaries.In January 2011 the 4 laning (from the original 2) of Wairere Drive and the Pukete Bridge began.

Key places to visit
St. Peter's Cathedral, Waikato Museum, Hamilton Zoo, Hamilton Gardens, Hamilton Astronomical Society Observatory, Parachute music festival, Balloons over Waikato, Hamilton Underground Film Festival


Places to Visit

St. Peter's Cathedral

is the Anglican cathedral in Hamilton, located in the Waikato Region of North Island, New Zealand.It is located on a small hill known as Cathedral Hill (Pukerangiora in Maori), in the southern central part of the city off Victoria Street.St Peter's Cathedral serves as the cathedral church for the Bishop and Diocese of Waikato the surrounding region.The Diocese is one of seven diocese in Aotearoa, forming part of the Anglican Communion around the world. The choir is a mixed-voice choir consisting of 24 singers.Close by to the north of the cathedral on the other side of the street is Waikato Museum.On the opposite side of the Waikato River over the Victoria Bridge is the Roman Catholic cathedral, the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Waikato Museum

is situated in the city of Hamilton, in the Waikato region of New Zealand.Previously called the Waikato Museum of Art and History the full name has been shortened in recent years due to the incorporation Exscite an interactive science centre and the emphasis on Tangata Whenua or Maori Studies.Its current address is 1 Grantham Street in the south end of the main CBD of Hamilton, where it has been based since 1987.It sits on land gifted to the Hamilton City Council by the Tainui Tribe and there is a strong Tainui presence in the museum.Previously the museum was based in London Street.The museum has twelve galleries that exhibit long-term and touring exhibitions.Displays include a 200 year old carved Waka Taua (a Maori war canoe, Te Winika) artworks by regional and other New Zealand artists and science exhibits.

Hamilton Zoo

is the main zoological garden of Hamilton, New Zealand.It is situated on Brymer Road in the Hamilton suburb of Rotokauri on the outskirts of the metropolitan area towards the northwest.It is owned by the Hamilton City Council with the Department of Recreation and Welfare handling the day to day running of the site.The park was founded in 1969 as a game farm, the Hilldale Game Farm.It was originally owned by a Mr and Mrs Powell.They mainly raised game birds but there was also a small collection of exotic mammals and birds.The zoo become unprofitable and was facing closure in 1976 before the Hamilton City Council stepped in and brought the site, buildings and stock.In 1984, the zoo again faced closure but due to public pressure the Council resolved to kept it open.Day to day running of the zoo was transferred to the Department of Recreation and Welfare.

Hamilton Gardens

is a group of public gardens in the south of Hamilton owned and managed by Hamilton City Council in New Zealand.They are the Waikato Region's most popular visitor attraction, attracting 600,000 people and holding over 2,000 events each year.The gardens present the theme of the story of gardens and are divided into the Paradise, Productive, Fantasy, Cultivar and Landscape garden collections.Hamilton Gardens is located between the bank of the Waikato River and State Highway 1.Entry to the gardens is free with most gardens open from 7:30am to 6:00pm in winter and 7:00am to 8:00pm in summer.In the center of Hamilton Gardens is a convention center called the Hamilton Gardens Pavilion, a volunteer operated Information Center, the Turtle Lake Restaurant and the Turtle Lake Cafe.

Hamilton Astronomical Society Observatory

is located next to the Hamilton Zoo in Brymer Road to the west of Hamilton City, New Zealand.The Hamilton Astronomical Society was founded in 1933 and is one of New Zealand's oldest astronomical societies.The observatory instruments include two radio telescopes (32'/10m and 26'/8m diameter) and a range of optical instruments, including one 24" Classical cassegrain telescope, a 14" and 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and one 12" Dobsonian telescope.The observatory is open to the public on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm (8:30pm during daylight savings).

Parachute music festival

is a Christian music festival held annually at Mystery Creek Events Centre, Hamilton, New Zealand.The festival is run by Parachute Music and lasts for four days and three nights.Parachute is the Southern Hemisphere's largest Christian music festival, primarily featuring music and guest speakers.It is usually held in the week Auckland Anniversary Day falls on,usually in late January.Parachute Festival annually attracts around 25,000 people. The largest crowd came in 2007, with 27,813 attendees.Most people who attend stay on-site in tents and caravans and a large village area supplies food, amenities and band merchandise.Over 100 bands from many different genres play at Parachute each year and the festival is aimed at a wide demographic ranging from families to teenagers.It is classified as a non-denominational Christian event with enforced bans on drugs or alcohol and unmarried couples being discouraged from tenting together.However a large percentage of non-Christian people do attend.

Balloons over Waikato

is an annual hot air balloon festival held in Hamilton, New Zealand.It is held over five days during autumn and attracts both local and overseas balloonists.The Festival is held primarily at Innes Common, at Hamilton Lake, which gets an estimated 100,000 visitors during the festival.The highlight of the festival the "Night glow" is held at the University of Waikato where an estimated 80,000 people attend to watch the lighting of balloons putting on a spectacular glow to music.Events in the festival include sunrise and sunset launches, a balloon basket parade, the "Night Glow", a morning "Key Grab" competition where balloonists must attempt to secure a key placed on a pole in Innes Common and a Dawn Patrol where a select number of balloons inflate and lift off at dawn creating a magical glow in the sky.

Hamilton Underground Film Festival

is an annual film festival held in Hamilton, New Zealand.The festival is open to all and has no admission fee for film entries.Each entrant receives a DVD which contains all the entered films.There is a yearly section for experimental fone films, Super 8 mm film and subverts.Since 2009 the festival has featured a collaborative digital film section in which participants operate under the same name: Karen Karnak.There is also a special remix section where films can be entered under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported creative commons license.This will allow other contributors to remix selected works and create collaborative works.

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