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By air

Nearest airport is Gardermoen Airport.

By train

Traditionally known as Hamar railway town and it is here Rorosbanen Eidsvold and Hamar-line and Dovre lines meet. From the late 1800's selected industrial companies to locate themselves at the railway and associated laterally in relation to the transport network to the NSB . These companies have recently disappeared because of greater demands for efficiency, high transport costs and limited opportunities for expansion. From World War II and for many years was the NSB in a unique position as a state institution in the city. Rail District was big and employed many people right up to recent times. Today there is still considerable traffic in both passengers and freight on the Dovre Railway, while passenger traffic on Rorosbanen has declined somewhat in competition with the bus. There are also plans to expand the Eidsvold-Hamar railway to double with the development of new European highway 6

By car

Take the E6 national highway north from Oslo. Takes between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Key places to visit
The cathedral ruins at Hamar, Norwegian Railway Museum, Hedmarksmuseet, The Viking Ship, Northern Lights Hall, Inland Theatre


Places to Visit

The cathedral ruins at Hamar

The cathedral ruins are part of the Hedmark Museum , located in Hamar . The ruins are the remains of the old Hamar Cathedral, which was begun in 1152 and was completed around 1200 . Stylistically, the old Hamar Cathedral closely related Ringsaker Church , Old Aker Church in Oslo and the Nikolai Church in Gran . These churches were built after the model of the Oslo diocese oldest main church, Hallvard's Cathedral , which today is the ruins of Oslo square in Old Town in Oslo

Norwegian Railway Museum

Norwegian Railway Museum is the national railway museum . It is one of the world's oldest railway museums and was established in Hamar in 1896.The railway museum is a public museum operated by National Rail and has a unique collection of Norwegian railway history. Inside the museum you will find, among other things, the oldest station building - The gulf station. Locomotive and wagon halls contains a historical collection of locomotives and wagons from the railway earliest stage in Norway.Indoor exhibitions in the new administration building includes artifacts, models and illustrations from the Norwegian railway history, and modern forms of communication such as video viewing, computer games , animation movies,journey planning and train music. Outdoor unit in the museum park is open only in summer.


Hedmark Museum is located at the Cathedral ruins in Hamar and consists of Storhamar barn, cathedral ruins , folk museum, herb garden and the Pilgrim Centre Hamar . Storhamar The barn was in use until one in 1963 decided to build the 1,700-century building into a modern museum designed by architect Sverre Fehn . Hedmarksmuseet v architect Sverre Fehn was awarded the architectural prize Concrete Board for 1976. Hedmark Museum is one of the museums in Hedmark County Museum .

The Viking Ship

The Viking ship is one of the world's largest skating halls. It is located in Hamar , just off Akersvika . It was built for the Olympics in Lillehammer , and was completed in autumn 1992 . The hall has a floor area of ​​22 000 m, and takes between 10 000 and 20 000 spectators. During concerts, the approval for 20 000 spectators, when standing room is included and is the largest indoor concert arena in Norway.The hall is owned by the Hamar municipality through the company Hamar Olympic Venues .The hall's first major test was the all-round World Cup Speed Skating 1993 .When Norway hosted the World Cup on bicycle in 1993 took cycling path in the Viking ship, with several world records.The Viking ship is also known to be the place where The Gathering a major annual gathering of young computer enthusiasts is located. The collection is usually around Easter.

Northern Lights Hall

Northern Lights Hall, or Hamar Olympic Amphitheatre, Northern Light Hall as Hall officially called, is an ice rink next Storhamar Ishall in Hamar . Hall was opened on 6 December 1992 as the 26th ice skating in Norway . It was built to house short circuit races and figure skating during the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer , and has since been the home arena for the hockey club Storhamar Dragons . Land record was set in the crucial play-off final between Storhamar and VAlerenga 28 March 2004 , with 7,405 spectators in attendance. Storhamar won the rest of the match 2-1 after playing extension, and won the Royal Cup .

Inland Theatre

Theatre Inland is the regional theater for the counties of Hedmark and Oppland . It was established on 1 April 2010 through a business transfer of the former Hedmark Teater . The theater has its main base in Hamar and is owned by Hedmark and Oppland counties as equal owners.The theater offers performances in both theater and dance, and show their performances by touring in both counties. The theater will also be able to place regular performances.Theatre's repertoire consists of both self-produced productions, co-productions and guest performances.Theater from 1 January 2011 Janne Langaas.

Right Time to Visit

May - July