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Halmstad is located on the southwest coast of Sweden, closer to the Danish capital Copenhagen than to the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. For international participants, we recommend travel to the International Airport of Copenhagen (Kastrup) in Denmark, from which you can reach Halmstad by train in two hours.

From the nearby airports of Malmoe (Sturup) and Gothenburg, it is approximately one and a half hour to Halmstad by train. The railway station in Halmstad is within 15 minutes walking distance from Halmstad University and from many hotels.

Key places to visit
Haverdalsstrand Nature Reserve, Lugnarohogen Burial Mound, Beaches, Norre Katt Park, Tonnersa Sand-Drifts, Tolarp


Places to Visit


To the east of Halmstad on Road 25, at Tolarp (on the road to Simlangsdalen), is the largest passage grave in Halland. Tolarp lies in a beautiful setting amid deciduous forest (marked footpaths), with excellent restaurants. Wild berries and mushrooms are abundant in this area.

Tonnersa Sand-Drifts

South of Halmstad on E 20 are the interesting sand-drifts of Tönnersa, between the river Genevada to the north and the Laga to the south.

Norre Katt Park

From the Halmstad market square, Storgatan runs north to the Norre Port (1605), at the south end of the Norre Katt Park. This is the only surviving town gate belonging to the old fortifications, most of which were pulled down in 1734 by order of the town council.


Tourism is becoming increasingly important on the coast of southern Halland. The resort of Tylösand (9km/6mi west of Halmstad), with its long sandy beaches, is one of the most attractive in Sweden.

Lugnarohogen Burial Mound

On the edge of the Hallandsas, near Hassjöv church, can be seen the imposing Bronze Age burial mound of Lugnarohögen. The Hallandsås is a ridge of hills, 40km/25mi long and between 5km/3mi and 10km/6mi across, which was left standing up when the surrounding land sank. Attractive footpaths through beech and pine forest; skiing in winter.

Haverdalsstrand Nature Reserve

16km/10minorth of Halmstad on the coast road lies the Haverdalsstrand nature reserve (ca. 350 hectares/875 acres), with a 4.5km/3-mi-long sandy beach and dunes - a feature rarely found in Sweden.

Right Time to Visit

April - October


January - February -> 0(°C) - Spring
June - July -> 15(°C) - Summer


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