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Ha Long

Vinh Phu
Ha Long
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By bus

There is a tourist open bus service offered by travel agencies around the Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi. Cost: US$8 net/person/way.
Some hotels & cruise operators also offer the transfer service for passengers even not staying in their hotels.
Public buses leave from Long Bien or Gia Lam Station (other side of Red River, 2km from Hoan Kiem Lake) or from Luong Yen station to Bai Chay (Halong City) every 30 minutes from 6AM to 6PM and cost 50,000 dong/person each way.

By car

The best, most expensive, way to get to Ha Long Bay is to rent a car from Hanoi. It costs approximately US$100 return. From Hanoi airport the fare is about US$85 for a car.
From Hanoi: 165km or 3 hrs 30 minutes drive.
From Hai Phong: 75km or 1 hr 30 minutes drive.

By bus from Nanning

From Nanning International Tourist Distribution Center, No. 10 Youai Nanlu (on the corner of Zhonghua Lu) you can take a bus going to Ha Long. It costs 170 yuan, takes about 8 hours and the departure time is 7:30 every day.

Key places to visit
Halong, Con Coc islet, Tuan Chau Island, Hang Sung Sot, Hang Dau Go


Places to Visit


As one of the islands famous Halong Bay, Halong Dinh Huong island located near the southwest of the Bay, a harbor cruise around Bai Chay 5km. This is a bundle of two island shaped like a pair of chickens, a blank one roof, over 10m in height with the legs in position so startled wanderous. The logo is the symbol of Ha Long Bay, Halong is also a symbol of travel guidebooks Vietnam in general

Con Coc islet

Con Coc islet of Hon Son of Toad is located at Bai Chay harbor cruise around 12km to the southeast, on Ha Long Bay. This is a very beautiful mountain rock angle and shaped like a toad squatting between the sea water, about 9 meters

Tuan Chau Island

Tuan Chau Island is Located in Bai Chay harbor cruise around 4km southwest of Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau Island is an island about 3 km landmass, inshore, with villages and sparsely populated. Before the island of scientists has found many archaeological sites of the Ha Long culture . Since 2001, a major road was built connecting the island to the mainland. A combination of recreation services, recreation, population hotels , restaurants and beach luxury is built, put into service contributed to changing the face of the Ha Long Tourism Year 2003 to date .

Hang Sung Sot

Hang Sung Sot or Sung Sot is on Bo Hon Island Halong Bay in the center, is the French name "Grotte des surprises" (wonders of). This is a large and beautiful cave in Halong Bay's most . Located in the Gulf tourist hub of the system of tourist routes including Ti Top beach - Bo Nau Cave - Halong Bay-hang the Luon - Sung Sot Cave.Location and area: Hang Sung Sot cave is a tubular, situated at an altitude of 25 meters compared to the current sea level. Area of ​​about 10.000m2, more than 200m length, 80m widest spot, the greatest distance from the ceiling to approximately 20m. Hang is divided into two main compartment.

Hang Dau Go

From the Soup For exclusive look at the island, one sees the beginning of this mountain protruding head looks like a tree floating on the water equivocal. The two sides "top wood" has two sockets inverted, looks like "knots" that the painter's head carved from wood colitis usually easy to pull - error when operating. Thousand inhabitants of the area and river fishing on the basis that the shape named the cave that they stay in this island in the days of rest, avoid winter storms! First Name Island timber affordable timber Early cave has been formed so! The French while mapping the area, he's just as told residents that water into the cave named "daugo", also called "island of the bush" to "hongai" only to the Hong Gai. Perhaps because so loved the history of arms of the Tran that people try to hang compound name "early wood", "Hide timber" for the battle of Bach Dang in 1288, associated with the name of the hero Tran Hung Dao, Tran Khanh Du!

Right Time to Visit

May - October


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