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Bekes Megye
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By train

Nearest train station is Bekescsaba-Kotegyan Veszto Puspokladany-line(Bekescsaba Gyula )

By road

Road Bekescsaba basically from the 44 highway and Sarkadrol, Dobozrol, Ketegyhazarol, Elekről and Szabadkígyosrol, roads can be achieved with the same name.Gyula important road border crossing since 1970: Arad - Bucharest, Romania, towards the border, and provides an important route in the same direction, the Balkan states towards. The Hungarian-Romanian border, Julius is still the only border crossing, which is linked to developed urban infrastructure.

Key places to visit
Gyula Castle, Almasy Castle, Wenckheim Castle, The Castle Garden


Places to Visit

Gyula Castle

The castle of Gyula Bekes County in Gyula in which Europe is only one intact lowland brick castle , which is 14th - 15th century, built in Gothic style. The walls between the museum and the Castle Theatre works.Gyula Castle is located downtown next to the town today, a relatively high field. The low-lying areas are around the castle, where boating is now located. In the Middle Ages, around the swamp was the castle was mainly Körös branches, protected in deep pages. Since the stone was not found in the area, so the castle was built in brick.Gyula Castle name of a nobleman named Julius remembrance, who arpad Gyulamonostort founded. The village lay in the city today, the "monastery" tag was leaving the castle and the city's future.

Almasy Castle

Almasy Castle, also known as Gyulavari Wenckheim Almassy Harruckern castle or mansion-Wenckheim Almasy
The estate of Gyula in 1723 was given Harruckern John George , and in 1725 began to build a round the castle, the old huszarvar place. The castle houses arranged the brewers and liquor, built servants' housing and restoration of his dungeons. His name is linked to the Slovaks, Romanians and Swabians Bekes county installed. Son of Francis Harruckern huszarvar gate tower, which leads to the entrance to the castle, baroque -style conversions reconstructed, rebuilt the floor line, watch it and placed parnatagos toronysisakkal covered. Expansion of the castle, Franz Anton Hillebrant , chamber chief architect 1761 - 1762 plan was prepared, but this did not happen. The castle in 1795 was burned down, Wenckheim Jozsefne 1798 in place of the previous built a new castle. In the 1801 's after the second fire Wenckheim Francis was built again. Architect of the estate, id. Czigler Anthony was designed by the baroque -style Louis XVI style features interwoven with mansard roof building. Then got the second tower and cupola, portikuszait and then unified the outbuildings. The single-storey tower wings joined. The owners of the mansion last Almasy were one of the girls Wenckheim Stephanie Wenckheim a Count Almasy, Almasy Nelson married, hence the name of the famous castle.

Wenckheim Castle

The Szabadkigyos Wenckheim castle was built between 1875 and 1879 Nicholas Ybl designed by Renaissance and ekletikus style. One of the most elegant and best-preserved Bekes County mansion. The building surrounds the imposing castle, is now included in school work.The castle is Renaissance - an eclectic style, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-five - one thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine be made between Nicholas Ybl plans, and in 1882 . July 19 , was consecrated on. Wenckheim Christina asked the designer that there should not be the same, but it must be harmoniousIn fact, there was a desire, to have as many windows as there are days in a year, as many rooms as there are seven, and as many entrances as many seasons.

The Castle Garden

Gyula event calendar months of the year is a major event: a Renaissance Carnival in February, March, after which the Central Bekesi Spring Festival occurs. Days will be held in April, Julius, and the International Festival and Butcher Pot Still Brandy days as well. The Flowers and Vegvari Pentecost Sunday in May, the music Gyulai days in June, while Kris Valley crowd, the Total Theatre Arts Festival, the Festival Tarhonya and Vegvari Evenings and Every Hungarian Dance Festival in July and August. In 2007, the first time held in the Castle beer festival (September). In the last few months will be held in the days of Art Erkel (November), which is within the framework of concerts, parades, medieval jousting, player competitions, folk artist Fair welcomes visitors to the city.

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