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Heves Megye
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By Air

Airports nearest to Gyongyos are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Budapest Airport (distanced approximately 64 km)
Lucenec Airport (distanced approximately 65 km)
Budapest Deli Railway Airport (distanced approximately 72 km)
Miskolic Airport (distanced approximately 75 km)
Szolnok Airport (distanced approximately 77 km)

By Bus

Gyongyos of the public transport Matra Volan Ltd. supplies.The city is served by six buses which are as follows: 1 , 1 / A , 2 , 3 , 4 , 10.

Key places to visit
St. Bartholomew's Church, Calvary Chapel and Church, Matra Museum, Spa Beach Gyongyosi, We Fest Youth Festival, Gyongyosi Zoo


Places to Visit

St. Bartholomew's Church

St. Bartholomew's Church Gyongyos city's churches.The church features a large main facade of the tower away from one another unusual effect.The three-storey, oraparkanyos, 30 meters tall, thick towers pitched roof.The sanctuary above the main ridge and origin of the Gothic cavalry tower can be seen.The three church bells of the largest 2,800 kg on the left the other two bells in the tower on the right.A single, stunning baroque interior of properties richly decorated csehsuvegboltozattal covered gallery runs on both sides.The main altar depicts the martyrdom of St. Bartholomew, Krannowetter Gabor was painted in 1773.

Calvary Chapel and Church

The Calvary Chapel Church and was once the Gyongyos outside on the hill was built, free-standing group of buildings, a chapel and placed along the fence and the stone wall built 5-5 stacioval.The tower in 2002 was lightning struck causing the tower and the gate on which was collapsed.The church owned nearly two decades of empty shrine "kalvariajanak" issue seems to be solved.

Matra Museum

The Matra Museum beads east of the Matra towards the 24th number of road in the old castle housed Orczy.First, the city and the countryside Matra-related memories, documents, collects some of them permanent exhibition presents.The castle later several purposes served in 1958 from the Matra Museums also operated here in the city library are stored in the Franciscan famous (since returned) historical 1984 in the building of the Heves County Museum Directorate was opened, the former palace now the Matra museum space.Orczy The castle stood formerly the estate of the family mansion was built at Orczy (I) Lawrence in 1770 was.The one-story U-shaped Baroque building was rebuilt several times later.

Spa Beach Gyongyosi

The beach Gyongyos 2007th on May 14, closed its doors after decades of operation as the European Union according to the rules of the water recycling system due to lack of renovation works were required.Close to the beach soon after the work commenced.The old pools demolished, then rebuilt and redesigned including swimming pools now in operation complying with the strict rules.After the renovation, a new named Gyongyosi Beach and Spa 2008th On June 8, opened its doors.

We Fest Youth Festival

one of the largest music and cultural events which take place each year in September to Gyongyos.The one-day festival type event aims to raise awareness of the Gyongyos and a small area for young people and their needs.It is possible they represent different subcultures to meet, parallel rock concerts and disco's young talent is also showcased great performers and of the constant.12th September 2009 was held on beads in the first Festival of Youth Festival-We et.Due to the success of the festival, the organizers decided to take the annual We Fest Festival.Performers in 2009: Road, Shadowhistory, small town image, Point of View, Newl, Flamemakers, Lipoczy & Bozoki, Tomy Montana, while their full-day programs, children's programs, quizzes and other cultural events are expected to fesztivalozokat visiting.

Gyongyosi Zoo

The Gyongyos Zoo, Heves County,  Gyongyos 10 minutes walk from the center of the Csatho Garden Valley.The zoo initially operated as a wildlife park and animal species in the park's development and expansion of the zoo got the name.Its characteristics are: number of zoo animal species, one male lion at the park was included as well.The lion was given two months to the park in Italy, because her parents did not accept it completely brought up to the park staff.The privately-operated programs for various zoo.

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November - February
April - June