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Gunung Leuser National Park

North Sumatra
Gunung Leuser
Type of Location:
Wildlife Safari
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By Road

By Road Ketambe is 257 Km from Medan (the capital of North Sumatera) and can be reached in 8 hours by public minibus for 50,000 rupiah runned the following companies : Pinem, Karsima and BTN,Jaya Pinem. and for 100.000 rupiah by Borneo or BONA TAXI ,Alaska,Adi Guna, air conditioned. All are leaving for Kutacane on Jalan Jamin Ginting ( Padang Bulan ).

B Air

The Airport 20 Km out side Kutacane town, from the Airport take Becak to Simpang Simadam and Changes with Mini bus it will take you around 45 Minutes to reach Kutacane Town.

Key places to visit
Bird watching, Wildlife, River Tours, Ketambe


Places to Visit

Bird watching

The most bird activity at the Eco-Lodge is between the hours of 6 – 7 am where many local birds can be seen and heard around the property.

The people of Sarinbuana have declared this area as a “No catching animal zone”, due to its proximity to one of the two remaining rainforests in Bali. An area of 1,800 ha is dedicated to preserve nature. You may see locals with rifles – locals are permitted to defend their crops from squirrels (of which there are many) who make an annoying number of holes in their cacao pods – rendering them useless for sale.

We have observed that the local bird population has dramatically increased over the last 4 years. The Bali Black Eagle makes it’s presence known by it’s distinctive call and can be seen regularly spiralling down the valley.


The main draw for Gunung Leuser National Park is its orangutans, as the park is one of the few surviving habitats of the Sumtran Orangutan. The village of Bukit Lawang was once the home of an organutan rehabilitation center, devoted to preparing captured orangutans for return to the wild. The center is still there, but it now serves as the home for semi-rehabilitated orangutans and those apes that will never be rehabilitated, as serious rehabilitation efforts have been relocated elsewhere. Even day hikes in the vicinity of Bukit Lawang have a high probability of encountering orangutans in the wild. Beyond its orangutans, Gunung Leuser National Park is also home to both white and black gibbons, as well as the Thomas leaf monkey. Leopard cats and jungle deer also live in the forest. A few Sumatran elephants and tigers still live in the park as well, although their limited numbers make seeing these giants most unlikely. However, a good guide will be able to find the tracks of these big jungle animals.

River Tours

Guided river tours of the park on rafts or inner tubes are available from Ketambe. Some tubing is also done in Bukit Lawang. These are usually day trips with a lunch stop in the village of Tanjung, but trips of up to four days duration can be booked, if the river level is high enough to sustain the journey.


Ketambe is a village on the west side of Gunung Leuser National Park. It is less visited than Bukit Lawang, but the area is amazing and the people are very friendly. To reach Ketambe from Medan, you have to go first to Kutacane (a 30 minutes flight or a 7 hours minibus ride).

Right Time to Visit

June - October


October - December -> 20(°C) - Winter


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