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The nearest airport to the city of Groningen is the Schipol Airport which is situated in Amsterdam. Groningen houses 2 train stations namely the Northern Station and the Central Station. There are regular trains from Amsterdam to Groningen. After alighting at the airport in Amsterdam take a train ride to Groningen. The journey will take 2.30 hours. You can come to the city from Utrecht by train. It will take you 2 hours to reach the city. You can also take a bus from the airport to reach the city.

Key places to visit
St Martinikerk, Midwolda, Town Hall, Spilsluizen, Natural History Museum


Places to Visit

St Martinikerk

At the northeast corner of the Grote Markt is the St Martinikerk (Reformed), a brick Romanesque/Gothic basilica (13th C.). In the 15th century the church was rebuilt in Late Gothic style: the old choir was replaced by a new one with tall Gothic vaulting and an ambulatory, and a chapel and sacristy were built on to the north side. During restoration work in 1924, 16th century wall paintings were brought to light in the choir. The old organ was built in 1480 by the humanist and musician Rudolf Agricola (1442-85), who came from the Groningen area.


Situated 15km/9mi west of Groningen on the Heerenveen road is the village of Midwolde. In the little 13th century church is a fine marble tomb by Rombout Verhulst (1646).

Town Hall

On the west side of the Grote Markt stands the neo-classical Town Hall (Stadhuis 1777-1810). Behind it is a modern extension (1962) which fits in well with the older building.


To the right of Kortegaard is the Spilsluizen gracht or canal, at the end of the town's open link with the sea. The quay is therefore on two levels, one for high tide and the other for low tide.

Natural History Museum

Adjoining the Prinsenhof is the Natural History Museum, founded in 1929 by the Royal Dutch Natural History Association. It is notable particularly for its collection of native Dutch animals, displayed in their natural surroundings.

Right Time to Visit

July - September


July - August -> 21(°C) - Summer
December - February -> 5(°C) - Spring


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